Person:Corda Painter (1)

Corda Ella Painter
  1. Nora May Painter
  2. Corda Ella Painter1876 - 1975
  3. Cora Lee Painter1878 - 1972
  4. Olive Ann Painter1881 - 1979
m. 18 Jun 1893
  1. Alvin K. Gyger1893 - 1988
  2. Ernest Bryan Gyger1897 - 1965
  3. Cecil Evert Gyger1899 - 1955
  4. Ruby Lucille Gyger1902 - 1992
  5. Roy Ray (Jack) Gyger1904 - 1977
  6. Floyd Wayne Gyger1906 - 1987
  7. Fred Lee Gyger1908 - 2006
  8. Olene Gyger1910 - 2004
  9. Willie Glen Gyger1913 - 1996
Facts and Events
Name[1] Corda Ella Painter
Gender Female
Birth[2][3] 11 Apr 1876 Granberry, Hood County, Texas
Other[7][8] 11 Apr 1877 Another birth date
Marriage 18 Jun 1893 Comanche County, Texasto Early Ernest Gyger
Death[4][5] 7 Nov 1975 Phoenix, Maricopa County, ArizonaCause: generalized arteriosclerosis
Soc Sec No[6] 526-86-1719

In 1890-1891 school year Corda attended Post Oak Grove school. Along with her sisters Cora and Ollie. Corda was 13, Cora was 12, and Ollie was 9.

Notes from Evelyn Gyger:

   On June 18, 1893, Corda Ella Painter, a dainty girl of 16, was supposed to be attending sunday school, but on that day she was not in her usual place.  However to her that date was a very special occasion.  It was to be her wedding day -- and no one, excepting four other people, knew the secret.  Dressed in a billowy gown of cream mull with its tiny basqua waist, flounced skirt and a matching hat of cream chiffon, this young bride-to-be, met her girlhood sweetheart, Early Ernest Gyger, and the two drove to Proctor, Texas where under a big pecan tree they exchanged their marriage vows with the reverend Lynn Davis, pastor of the first baptist church, officiating.  The only attendants were Mr. and Mrs. John Hudson, old time friends.
  Immediately following the ceremony the newlyweds went to Whitney, Texas where Early was employed by the Smith-Jennings Ice Company and they lived ther until 1904.
  In 1906 or 1907 Corda and Early went from Elk City, Oklahoma to Tucumcari, New Mexico in a covered wagon.  Floyd was a baby and the trip took exactly a month.  They homesteaded land in New Mexico.  Fred was born there.  Early and Corda built a house, fanced and cleared land and planted crops.  They made three crops, but the following year there was no rain in the spring.  It rained in September, but they could not make a crop.  Finally, they sold the improvements on their homestead and returned to Oklahoma.
  In 1908 Corda and Early were traveling across the prarie with two wagons.  Alvin, the oldest boy, was driving the wagon in the rear.  They were traveling in a road or wagon rut.  A car came along toward them and would not give them room to pass.  The car frightened the horses and it was hard to keep the teams in check.  Early became angry and shouted, "Corda, give me the rifle"!  the man in the car moved over and gave them room to pass.
  When they lived in Gray, Oklahoma, their youngest child, Glenn was born.  Glen was born in sod dugout.  Corda was not well for quite a while after Glen was born and Lucille, the oldest girl, was a great help in caring for the baby.
  From Gray, Oklahoma, they moved to Liberal, Kansas, where Early had a job as ice engingeer for the Crystall Ice Company.  They lived there for several years, but in 1825 they decided to go to Arizona and they moved to Glendale.

Cordia Painter is shown to be enrolled at the Post Oak Grove school for the 1890-1891 term at age 13.

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