Person:Christopher Wadsworth (1)

Christopher Wadsworth
  • HChristopher Wadsworth - bet 1677
  • WGrace Unknownbef 1614 - bet 1687/88
m. bef 1634
  1. Joseph Wadsworthest 1634 - aft 1689/90
  2. Captain Samuel Wadsworthest 1636 - 1676
  3. Deacon John Wadsworth1638 - 1700
  4. Mary WadsworthABT 1640 - Aft 1687/88
Facts and Events
Name[1] Christopher Wadsworth
Gender Male
Emigration[1] 1632
Residence[1] 1632 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage bef 1634 to Grace Unknown
Residence[1] bef 1639 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1] bet 31 Jul 1677 and Sep 1678 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Will[1] 31 Jul 1677
Probate[1] 27 Oct 1680 Will proved.
Estate Inventory[1] 7 Jun 1681 Will exhibited on this date, untotalled and included no real estate.

Relationship with William Wadsworth?

" Some secondary sources claim that Christopher Wadsworth came to New England in 1632 on the Lyon. This is based on a supposed relationship with William Wadsworth, who did come on that ship in 1632. Christopher Wadsworth is not on the passenger list for the Lyon in 1632, and there is no evidence that he was brother or any other relation of William, and, although he must have been in New England by 1632, he could have come earlier, so there is no basis for this claim."[1]

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