Person:Christopher Tompkins (6)

Col. Christopher Tompkins
m. Abt 1729
  1. Robert Reade Tompkins1730 - 1795
  2. Benjamin Tompkins1732 - 1811
  3. John Tompkins1734 - 1794
  4. William Tompkins1736 - 1772
  5. Capt. Francis Tompkins1738 - 1830
  6. Col. Christopher Tompkins1740 - 1823
m. 25 Nov 1774
  1. Ann Temple Tompkins1775 - 1832
  2. Joyce Read Tompkins1777 -
  3. Susan Tompkins1779 -
  4. William Fleet Tompkins1781 - 1829
  5. Catherine Tompkins1783 - 1832
  6. Col. Christopher Tompkins1785 - 1870
  7. Elizabeth Mildred Georgia Tompkins1787 - 1856
  8. Lucy Read Tompkins1790 - 1834
  9. Joseph Temple Tompkins1792 - 1863
  10. Mary Elliott Tompkins1797 -
Facts and Events
Name Col. Christopher Tompkins
Gender Male
Birth[1] 27 Oct 1740 Chilesburg, Caroline County, Virginia
Marriage 25 Nov 1774 Virginiato Ann Temple Fleet
Death[1] 5 Apr 1823 Etna Mills, King William County, Virginia
Burial[1] 1823 Fleet Street (Plantation Grounds), Etna Mills, King William County, Virginia
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    Col Christopher Tompkins

    Birth: Oct. 27, 1740
    Caroline County
    Virginia, USA
    Death: Apr. 5, 1823
    Etna Mills
    King William County
    Virginia, USA

    # 405 in Clan of Tomkyns

    In Rev War, captain in the
    Continental army and a
    participant in the seige of Yorktown.

    Christopher Tompkins 1705–1779
    Joyce Reade 1701–1771

    Married 25 Nov 1774 to Ann Temple Fleet.
    They lived at their home Fleet Street in
    King William County, where they are buried.

    Ann Temple Tompkins 1775–1832
    Joyce Read Tompkins 1777–
    Susan Tompkins 1779–
    William Fleet Tompkins 1781–1829
    Catherine Tompkins 1783–1832
    Col Christopher Tompkins 1785–1870
    Elizabeth Mildred Georgia G Tompkins 1787–1856
    Lucy Read Tompkins 1790–1834
    Joseph Temple Tompkins 1792–1863
    Mary Elliott Tompkins 1797–

    The original home Fleet Street is thought to be still standing and after restorations looks very much the same as the old photo but with newly painted exterior and a nice slate roof. Where there is a home in this area , the owner today does not know of any visible graves and or stones. If anyone knows different please contact to add information.

    From the book, Old New Kent County, Virginia
    Some Account of the Planters , Volume 1:

    This small country home was erected by Christopher Tompkins. It is a story and half house with large end chimneys and dormer windows to light the upper rooms and the hallways. The size of the house was related to other houses close by, in which the older boys and visitors found quarters. It was here that Christopher Tompkins and Ann his wife reared their family.
    To Etna Mills, to Mangohick, and the road from Mangohick to Etna Mills.
    In 1820, Christopher Tompkins was charged with 764 acres of land which was his plantation next to the lands of John Hickman at Hickman's Gatepost (Etna Mills).
    The site of the residence of Christopher Tompkins Jr was probably on the road to Etna Mills, which was lately a Hutchinson home.