Person:Christian Tulloch (3)

Christian Tulloch
Facts and Events
Name Christian Tulloch
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1529

Disposition, Christian Tulloch to John Tulloch, her

brother, of her heritage in Ness.

Original in possession of Mr. A. Baikie of Tankerness.

September 7th, 1529. Kirkwall.

Be it maid kend til al men be this present vret, me Christeane Tullocht, ane douchter and lauchful air to my faider, Thomas Twlloch of Ness, that for sa meikil as I am to pas in pylgramage to the Haly Crose off Forinen [?] in Norrowaye, be this my present wret, wyth consent and assent of my fader aforsaid, grantis me to haf sauld, annel- leiit, and ofhenit, and be the tenor of this present wret sellis, anelleiis, and ofhinttis, fra me and al my airis, executouris, and assingnais to my eldest broder, Jhone Twlloch, his airis, executoris, and assignais, all and hail my sister part of land of heritage, bayth landis and louse guddis, that I lauchfully may air and fallis to my heritabil part efter decese of my forsaid fader, Thomas Twllocht, for ane soume of monye and uder guddis giffin to me in my gret urgent mister and necessete be the handis of my forsaid broder, extending to the ful price and avail of my sister part of land and heritage aforsaid, the fyrst penny e and the last and all thair betuix, and thairof for me, my airis, executoris, and assingnais, I the forsaid Cristeane Twllocht quietclamis and dischargis the forsaid Jhone Twlloch and al his airis, executoris, and assingnais of the forsaid soume and uder gudis, extending to the ful price of my sister part of land and heritage efter the decese of my fader, as said is, for nowe and evirmair. In vitness of the quhilk thing, be cause I the said Cristeane Twlloch hed nane sceil of my awne, I hafe giffin my ful power with hand and handband to honorabil and discreit men, Jhone Hert- sid, Alexander Stevinssone, and James Murray, conjunctly and severly, al is [sic] ane and ane [as] al, to procure with instance the sceil of ane honorabil and discreit man Schir Nycol Hawcro, persone of Orpher, for me to be hungin to this present charter, at Kyrcwall, the sevint daye of September in the yeir of God m v c xxix yeiris befor vitness. [No seal or tag.]

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