Person:Charles Swaine (20)

Charles Thomas William Swaine
b.24 Sep 1903 [[Place:St George's Road [no ], Hastings, Sussex, England|St George's Road [No 79], Hastings, , Sussex, England]]
m. 12 May 1901
  1. Ivy Lilian F Swaine1902 - 1908
  2. Charles Thomas William Swaine1903 - 1972
  • HCharles Thomas William Swaine1903 - 1972
  • WMildred Hardy1906 - 2002
m. 28 Apr 1934
Facts and Events
Name[1] Charles Thomas William Swaine
Gender Male
Birth[2][3][4][5][6] 24 Sep 1903 [[Place:St George's Road [no ], Hastings, Sussex, England|St George's Road [No 79], Hastings, , Sussex, England]]
Christening[7] 8 Nov 1903 All Saints Church, Hastings, Sussex, England
Marriage 28 Apr 1934 St George's Church, Southall, London, Englandto Mildred Hardy
Death[8] 10 Jul 1972 Cuckfield Hospital, Cuckfield, Sussex, England
  1. Admissions Register - Clive Vale Boys Board School.
  2. GRO. (Various - FRC, SOG,, FreeBMD etc).

    1903 Dec Hastings Swaine Charles Thomas W Folio 2b Page 21

  3. Census 1891 - 79 St George's Road, Hastings.

    In 1891, 12 years before CTWS was born here, the address was occupied by a widow, Ellen Pilfold, aged 33 with her son (5) and daughter (3), a charwoman.

    Also in same house was Edgar Bowra (39), a boatman, with wife and four children (7,6,4,1).
    So a total of 2 families, 9 people.

    Next door at No 80 there was a family of seven, a widow (51) with her older children (27, 23,20,15,13,10) working as a laundress and helped by one son, a bricklayer's labourer.

    On the other side in No 78 was Philip J Swaine, a Gravier and Decorator aged 45 with wife and seven children, the eldest of whom (19) was a printer's apprentice.

  4. Census 1881 - 79 All Saints Street, Hastings.

    This house was occupied by two or perhaps 3 families. Census 1881 gives 9 people in all in the house:
    Adam Cleverly - Labourer and family.
    Harry Weaver - Plasterers labourer and family .
    Herbert Marks.
    Obviously a poor area which was overcrowded

  5. Birth Certificate (short) - Charles Thomas William Swaine. (Birth Certificate (short) - Charles Thomas William Swaine 1916 Hastings Registrar, East Sussex Poor - letter crumbling).
  6. Birth Certificate - Charles Thomas William Swaine. (1903 Hastings, All Saints).
  7. All Saints Baptisms 1892 - 1923.

    1903 Nov 8 Charles Thomas William Swaine s Charles Henry George & Elizabeth Frances Swain , 75 St George's Road, Painter

  8. Death Certificate - Charles Thomas William Swaine. (1972 Cuckfield, East Sussex).

    Died of cerebral aterioscelerosis. Suffered two massive strokes in several hours during the night and was certified brain dead about a week before he finally died.

  9.   All Saints School, Hastings: 1835 - Present
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  10.   Centre for Continuing Education, University of Sussex. Hastings Childhoods. (Hastings Modern History Workshops)
    P 52.

    " In All Saints Street there was a general store run by 'Fat Man Kent' as we called him, and in there you could get a pennyworth of anything. Corned beef, pickles, jams, all sold loose, paraffin, ma tches, tobacco. Of course he really served a purpose because if you were hard up you could buy very small amounts in there. But the smell of that shop with all those items jumbled up fairly took y our breath away. Rubies, the place where Grandfather Gasson took the pirgs for curing, was at the top of a passage into All Saints Street. .... Also in All Saints Street there was a man who mended b roken china with a rivet. People couldn't afford to throw things away then. Jimmy Gallops where we hired the shrimp nets was at the bottom of All Saints Street."

  11.   Register of Halton-in-Hastings School.

    At the back of the register on a scrap of paper obviously containing names which the teacher intended entering into the Admissions Register at a later date was a note:
    "Swaine, Chas Thos Wm 6, Zurich Pl Elizabeth, F Head, 24/9/03"

    In the main register under the page headed "O" (NOT "S" since this was full) an entry:
    "Adm 803 & 830 8/1/12 Swaine, Chas Thos Wm; 28 Albion Street; Mrs F Head; Born:24/9/03; Last School attended: All Saints School; Last Attendence:1/4/12; Reported left district by Attendence Officer."

    A second entry reads:
    830 Re-admitted 8.7.12 Swaine Chas Thos Wm 28 Albion Street; Mother: Elizabeth F Head (very delicate); DOB: 24.9.03; Last School attended: Hastings Union Infirmary; Last Attendence: 16.4.13; Reported left district by Attendence Officer

  12.   Robert Tressell. Ragged Trousered Philanthropist

    describes many aspects of life, work and poverty in the town.

  13.   Census 1911 - 6 Zurich Place.