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Bernard Vincent Timothy
  1. Bernard Vincent Timothy1881 - 1966
Facts and Events
Name Bernard Vincent Timothy
Alt Name Bernard Vincent Timothy Cooke
Gender Male
Birth[1][4] 25 May 1881 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Census[2] 5 Apr 1891 Wigan, Lancashire, England95 Wallgate
Census[3] 2 Apr 1911 Leigh, Lancashire, England26 Ellesmere Street
Census[4] 29 Sep 1939 Tempsford, Bedfordshire, EnglandStonebridge House
Death[6] 1966 Bedfordshire, England

Bernard Vincent Timothy was born on 25th May 1881 in Manchester, son of a domestic servant called Mary Cooke and a surgeon and physician called Peter Vincent Timothy. Bernard's parents were not married - his father had recently left his wife to live with Bernard's mother. Bernard had eight surviving older half-siblings from his father's marriage, but as his father lived apart from them and their mother it seems likely that Bernard would have had little contact with them.

Bernard's parents moved from Manchester to neighbouring Salford some time before 1883, when Bernard would still have been very small. Bernard's mother died in Salford in 1884.

After Mary's death, Bernard's father had a relationship with a lady called Anne Webb, with whom he had seven children between 1886 and 1897, and did eventually marry in 1905 after his first wife had died. The family moved around extensively, with Bernard's younger half siblings being born in Liverpool, St Helens, Wigan, the Essex suburbs of London and back in Manchester. Bernard appears in the 1891 census living with his father, Anne Webb and three younger half-siblings in Wigan.

Bernard has not been found in the 1901 census, at which time his father and Anne Webb were living in Longton in Staffordshire. They moved to Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk coast around 1903 and settled there for the rest of their lives.

The 1911 census finds Bernard living at Leigh in Lancashire, working as a labourer in an iron foundry. Bernard's father and stepmother both died in 1919 in Great Yarmouth.

Bernard never married. From the late 1930s he lived at Tempsford in Bedfordshire, appearing there in electoral rolls for 1938 and in the 1939 Register taken at the outbreak of the Second World War. His occupation was given as "none" in the 1939 Register, but it seems likely that his work was connected to the Royal Air Force's Special Duty Service which was based at Tempsford, in one of the most secret airfields of the Second World War; immediately after the war Bernard was listed in the electoral registers at an address care of the RAF base, and in the early 1950s he lived at "Airfield Hut" in the neighbouring parish of Everton - the airfield straddled Tempsford and Everton parishes.

In the late 1950s Bernard lived in the nearby town of Bedford. Electoral rolls from the 1960s show he spent some years living at 1 Dunstable Street in Ampthill, which was the former workhouse, which by this time was used as an old people's home. Bernard died in the Bedford are in 1966, aged 85.

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