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Benjamin Woodard
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Woodard
Gender Male
Residence[1] Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

A hog reeve or hogreeve, hog-reeve is a Colonial New England term for a person charted with the prevention or appraising of damages by stray swine.Wandering domestic pigs were a problem to the community due to the amount of damage they could do to gardens and crops by rooting.

  1. Hurd, D. Hamilton (Duane Hamilton). History of Worcester County, Massachusetts: with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: J.W. Lewis, 1889).

    [Spencer, Worchester, Massachusetts]

    Town Origin. — The birth of the town then, really,
    dates from this act, — although by it, it did not attain
    the full dignity of a township, owing to the terms im-
    posed. By this act one Thomas Steel, Esq., was "em-
    powered to issue his warrant, directed to some princi-
    pal of said district, requiring him to notify and warn
    the inhabitants of said district to meet at such time and
    place as shall be therein set forth, to choose all such
    officers as shall be necessary to manage the affairs of
    said district." In accordance with this authority, in
    him vested, he issued his warrant to Captain Benjamin
    Johnson, and a meeting for the above purpose was
    called, at which the- following officers were elected,
    as directed by the law, viz. : Captain Benjamin John-
    son, moderator; Captain Benjamin Johnson, town
    clerk ; Deacon John Worster, John Cunningham,
    John Muzzy, Deacon James Willson and Captain
    Benjamin Johnson, selectmen ; Captain Benjamin
    Johnson, treasurer; Samuel Bemis and James Ormes,
    constables ; the selectmen were voted assessors ; En-
    sign John Stebbings, Samuel Garfield, John Prouty,
    Caleb Bridges and Robert Griffin, highway surveyors
    on the north side of the county road; Jacob Stod-
    dard, Jonathan Lamb and David Adams, highway
    surveyors on the south side of the county road ;
    James Richardson, highway surveyor on the county
    road ; Joshua Draper and Benjamin Woodard, hog-
    reeves ; Deacon John Worster and Thomas Bridges,
    fence-viewers; Israel Holton, sealer of leather ; Lieu-
    tenant John White, sealer of weights and measures ;
    John Draper and Jacob Stoddard, tythingmen. One
    of the first acts passed by the district was to " allow
    Lieut. John White the sum of £2 ISs. 4d. for his ser-
    vices in going to the Grate and General Corte in
    order to git us to be a District."

    1861.— Town Cleric, William D. Peck ; Selectmen, Perley Bartlett,
    Asa Keyes, Edward Burpee ; Assessors, Julin H. Davis, P. M. Rugg,

    [Sterling, Worchester, Massachusetts politicians]
    Ezra Sawyer; School Committee, Benjamin Woodard, Rev. E. B. Fair-
    child, Jon*^. Davie.