Person:Barzillai Savage (1)

Barzillai Savage
m. 19 Jul 1742
  1. John Savage1743 -
  2. Barzillai Savage1746 - 1808
  3. George Savage1747 -
  4. Ann Savage1748 -
  5. Elizabeth Savage1750 - 1752
  6. Joseph Savage1751 -
  7. William Savage1754 -
  8. Elizabeth Savage1757 -
  9. James Savage1759 -
  • HBarzillai Savage1746 - 1808
  • WSarah ParkerAbt 1754 - 1842
m. 21 Apr 1782
  1. James Savage1782 -
  2. George Savage1784 -
  3. Robert Savage1785 - 1847
  4. John Savage1787 -
  5. Joseph Savage1788 - 1843
  6. Edmund Savage1789 - 1866
  7. Ann Savage1790 -
  8. Sarah Savage1792 -
  9. Frederick Savage1795 - 1818
Facts and Events
Name Barzillai Savage
Gender Male
Christening[1] 10 Mar 1746 Houghton, Hampshire, EnglandAll Saints
Marriage 21 Apr 1782 Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSt Lawrence
to Sarah Parker
Burial[2] 13 May 1808 Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSt Maurice
Occupation[3] 15 Mar 1842 Labourer

Barzillai Savage was baptised on 10th March 1745/6 at the village of Houghton in Hampshire. He was the second of nine children of a couple named John Savage and Elizabeth Wiltshire. His unusual name is biblical - Barzillai was a servant of King David. Curiously, Barzillai was the only one of the nine children with such an unusual name. The family stayed in Houghton until after 1759, when Barzillai's youngest sibling, James, was baptised there. However, they then appear to have moved away - the only one of the family to be buried in Houghton was Barzillai's sister Elizabeth who died aged two in 1752.

By 1782, Barzillai was living in the city of Winchester, the ancient county town of Hampshire and one-time capital of England. He married at St Lawrence's Church in the centre of the city on 21st April 1782, when he was 35. His bride was Sarah Parker who was about 28. We know she was from England but not Hampshire, but have no evidence as to which of the other 38 counties of England she might have been from. The couple's first child was born seven months after their marriage. Over the course of the 13 years immediately after their marriage they had nine children, all baptised in Winchester.

In 1808, aged 62, Barzillai died and was buried at St Maurice's Church in the city. Sarah outlived him by nearly 34 years - when she died in 1842, aged 87, she was described as the widow of Barzillai Savage, labourer.

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    Savage Barzillai
    Winchester St Maurice

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