Person:Asa Aldrich (1)

Facts and Events
Name Asa Aldrich
Gender Male
Alt Birth[2] 2 Apr 1752 Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Birth[1] 2 Apr 1753 Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Baldwin, Thomas W. Vital Records of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. (Boston, 1916), 12.

    ALDRICH, Asa, s. of Samuel and Huldah, [born] Apr. 12, 1753. (2d day, 2d mo. 1752 O.S. CR3) (2d day, 4th mo. 1752. CR4)
    [CR3=from records of Smithfield, R.I., Monthly Meeting. CR4=from records of Uxbridge Monthy Meeting. The 1753 appears to be correct, as Apr 1752 seems less likely with either of Rhoda's birth dates, and there isn't another birth until 1755.]

  2. "Smithfield Record of Friends-Births and Deaths", in Arnold, James N. Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636–1850: First series, births, marriages and deaths. A family register for the people. (Narragansett Hist. Publ. Co., 1891), 1:178.

    ALDRICH, Asa, of Samuel and Huldah, Uxbridge, 2d 2m 1752.
    [Apparently this is old style numbering starting from March, even though legally in 1752, the first month of the year was January.]