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Arlo Beezley
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Arlo Beezley
Gender Male
Birth[3] Feb 1909 Michigan, United States
Death[3] 11 May 1971 Multnomah, Oregon, United States


Arlo left home when he was just a kid and he wasn't heard from for yea rs. Then his father, James Beezley, received a letter from him in March 1928? saying he was herding sheep on a big ranch in Kansas and was comin g home on vacation, but he didn't come and it was years again without a w ord from him.

Then one day he came to the paper mill where his brother Arnold worked a nd came home with him and stayed with him and his wife for a couple of m onths and one morning when they got up and he was gone and again no wor d for years.

Then one day when Arnold & Althea lived in Benton Harbor, MI, he looked t hem up but didn't come home with Arnold. He went to visit their younges t son Alvin and Arnold went there to visit him. he left the next mornin g and again no word.

One day Arnold got a package with all of his belongings, but nor word a s to where he was or whether he was dead or alive. Just the package and A rnold & Althea haven't heard a word from him since. They think he died b ecause the package was sent from some Sheriff's office. He had diabetes a nd had been the hospital for it twice.

  1. Doug Beezley
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