Person:Annetje Jans (1)

Annetje Jans
Facts and Events
Name Annetje Jans
Alt Name[1] Annetje Morren
Gender Female
Marriage to Cornelis Hendricus Bouwman

On the marriage certificate of child Fitjtje, Annetje's profession islisted as"worker" legally esponsible for two children. Because of Dutchcustoms at the time, this could mean a few things:

She adopted two children She became legally responsible for two children

Her husband had no listed profession on thedaughter's marriage license.Because of this, the designation of being legally respnsible for twochildren could also mean that her husband was ill and made legalpreparations for his wife to be the sole legal guardian of theirchildren, just in case he passed away.

  1. Civil Register - death Gelders Archeif.

    Source Civil register - Death
    Archive location Gelders Archief
    General Number of finding aid: 0207
    Item number: 4060
    Municipality: Hoevelaken
    Type of record: overlijden
    Record number: 25
    Registration date: 26-11-1872
    Deceased Fijtje Bouwmeester
    Gender: V
    Date of death: 25-11-1872
    Place of death: Hoevelaken
    Father Kornelis Bouwmeester
    Mother Annetje Morren
    Partner Tijmen van den Brom
    Relationship: echtgenote
    Additional information dooppl: Putten; oud 66 jaar; beroep overl.: zonder beroep; beroep vader: geen beroep vermeld; beroep moeder: geen beroep vermeld