Person:Ann Barry (3)

Ann Isabella Barry
m. abt. 1793/95
  1. Ann Isabella Barry1797 - 1875
m. 20 Jan 1813
  1. John McCue1816 -
  2. Thomas McCue1818 -
  • HJohn Allen1790 - 1851
  • WAnn Isabella Barry1797 - 1875
m. 7 Jun 1821
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Ann Isabella Barry
Baptismal Name[2] Agnes Barry
Married Name[1][2] Ann Isabella McCue
Married Name[1][2] Ann Isabella Allen
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 22 Jan 1797 Staunton, Virginia, United States
Marriage 20 Jan 1813 Virginia, United States[1st wife - 1st husband]
to William McCue, M.D.
Marriage 7 Jun 1821 [2nd wife - she is the widow McCue]
to John Allen
Death[2] 27 Nov 1875 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Alt Death[1] 28 Nov 1876
Other[1][2] Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan, United StatesHusband John Allen named the city of Ann Arbor after his wife.

Research Notes

  • City of Ann Arbor, Michigan is named after her.
  • "Thomas [Barry] died in January 1800. On his death bed, I think from TB he had been suffering from earlier, he requested that his daughter's name be changed from Agnes to Ann Isabella in memory of his wife, and so Ann was left at age three still in the care of this neighbor lady."2
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    ... Ann Barry, b 22, Jan. 1797, Staunton, Va., d 28, Nov. 1876. After Dr. McCue 's death Mrs. McCue married John Allen (son of Jas. Allen and Elizabeth Tate). ...

    ... Ann Isabella McCue married second, Capt. James Allen (of the War of 1812), from this union was born a daughter, Sarah, who married Dr. Addison Waddell. ...
    [Note conflicting information regarding 2nd husband - needs further investigation]

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    ... Ann Isabella Barry McCue Allen was born January 22, 1797. George Washington was still president, though he would give the title over to John Adams in another six weeks. She was born in Staunton, a town in Augusta County, Virginia, on the pike between Lexington and Winchester. Winchester was a famous spot during the Civil War. Seventy-eight years later, on November 27, 1875, Ann died in Augusta County about ten miles from the place she was born. Thomas Barry, her father, was born in 1767 near Londonderry, Ireland. He was not a true Irishman however. The Barry family was French. ...