Person:Anders Eriksson (4)

m. Bef 1741
  1. Jon Eriksson1741 -
  2. Sven Eriksson1742 - Bef 1752
  3. Elisabeth Eriksdotter1744 - Bef 1752
  4. Elin Eriksdotter1745 -
  5. Anders Eriksson1747 - Bef 1752
  6. Jaen Eriksson1749 -
  7. Lars Eriksson1751 -
  8. Anders Eriksson1752 - 1802
m. Bef 1783
  1. Ingeborg Andersdotter1783 - 1866
  2. Martha Andersdotter1784 -
m. 5 Jul 1788
  1. Erik Andersson1790 -
  2. Jöns Andersson1793 - 1861
  3. Maria Lena Andersdotter1796 -
  4. Birgitta Andersdotter1799 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Anders Eriksson
Gender Male
Birth[2][3] 15 Dec 1752 Hyltan, Rogberga, Jönköping, Sweden
Baptism[3][7] 16 Dec 1752 Rogberga, Jönköping, Sweden
Marriage Bef 1783 Quality: 2
to Sara Svensdotter
Residence[5][8] Bet 1785 and 1790 Hyltan, Rogberga, Jönköping, Sweden
Marriage 5 Jul 1788 Rogberga, Jönköping, Swedento Sigrid Jönsdotter
Death[4][6] 5 Apr 1802 Westraby, Rogberga, Jönköping, Sweden

Occupations: "Bonde" = peasant or countryman in 1796; none given in 1799; "Torpare" = crofter in 1801; "Soldat" in 1802, 1804;

Residence 1788 is Hyltan, according to marriage record. Anders is identified as an "Ankling" = widower.

Residence 1790 is still Hyltan, according to son Erik's birth record.

Residence 1793 is Vastraby, according to son Jons's birth record. Same in 1796 and 1799, according to daughters Maria Lena's and Birgitta's birth records. (NOTE: transcription misidentifies Anders as "Enders" in 1796, making it easy to miss Maria Lena's existence.)

An Anders Eriksson said to be age 61y 1m 18d died 4 Jan 1822 in Flaskebo, Bankeryd, Jönköping. He is identified as a "Rusthallare" = the farmer who provided a cavalryman, horse, and uniform in exchange for a large tax reduction. (Information at||hogman/slsoldat_eng.htm) The inaccuracy as to birth, the absence of his soldier name of Gren, and his lack of prior connections to Bankeryd, all suggest that he is a different Anders Eriksson.

For some time, Rick and I thought Anders Eriksson married a third time and became a soldier. But the husband of Lisa Nilsdotter has no clear connection with our Anders, and comes from a different hamlet and acts like a younger man, e.g. by joining the army. I have disconnected Lisa and her children but left them in the database in case future knowledge clarifies matters.

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