Person:Alma Becker (2)

Alma C Becker
m. 13 Mar 1895
  1. Olga A Becker1895 - 1981
  2. Alma C Becker1897 - 1967
  3. Adele Annamarie Becker1900 - 1960
  4. Charlotte Sophia Becker1906 - 1980
  5. Harold Becker1907 - 1910
  • HJack Reed1894 - 1972
  • WAlma C Becker1897 - 1967
m. 13 NOV 1920
Facts and Events
Name[1] Alma C Becker
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 13 OCT 1897 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Census[3] 1900 5045 Justine, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Census[4] 1910 5043 S. Justine St., Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Marriage 13 NOV 1920 to Jack Reed
Death[2] 14 NOV 1967 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

ALMA C BECKER was born on 13 Oct 1897 at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She appeared on the census of 1900 at 5045 Justine, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She appeared on the census of 1910 at 5043 S. Justine St., Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She married JACK REED on 13 Nov 1920 at the age of 23. She died on 14 Nov 1967 at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, at age 70.

Nephew William "Bill" Black provides some anecdotes in an interview.S6

  • Aunt Becky (Alma) lived in Oregon and Bill would spend the summers from age 13-15 with her and Uncle Jack (Reed). Jack Reed was a real character. They lived on a hill and Jack would sit there, playing the organ and their Doberman Pinscher who would howl along with him. The two together were quite a sight. Jack's aunt was Belle Starr (a famous outlaw). His brothers had a big ranch in Wyoming. His other brother had a big ranch in California that Bill got to go to. City slicker Bill learned a lot on the ranch. He learned how to ride a horse, how to rope a calf, how to cut & bale hay, and how to slop hogs and feed chickens. Uncle Jack was very big on manners. When Bill came back from a summer with them his mother was amazed at his behavior. In the 3 summers Bill spent out there with them Aunt Becky taught him how to drive a 1935 Chevy Pickup with a stick shift on the floor.
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