Person:Algernon Barnard (1)

Algernon S. Barnard
Facts and Events
Name Algernon S. Barnard
Gender Male
Birth[1] 11 Feb 1819 Monroe, New York, United States
Marriage 12 Jul 1843 Lima, Livingston, New York, United Statesto Elizabeth M. Raynolds
Death[1] 4 July 1899 DuPage, Illinois, United States

In a 1970 newspaper article, Algernon's granddaughter Rose Barnard Miller recalled, "My grandfather, A.S. Barnard, came to the Naper settlement as a very young man, some time in the 1830s. He helped other settlers at first, until he could get a place of his own. By 1843 he had acquired what is now the Robert Yackley farm, down the road from here. He went back to Mendon, New York, and married his sweetheart, Elizabeth Raynolds. The story has been recounted of their homecoming...When they arrived and my grandfather opened the kitchen door for his bride to enter, a sow with a litter of little pigs greeted them! [2]

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