Person:Alexandre de St Michel (1)

Alexandre de St Michel
Facts and Events
Name Alexandre de St Michel
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1593
Marriage c.1639 to Dorothea Kingsmill
Death[1] 1692

Alexander Marchant, Sieur de St. Michel, was a scion of a good family in Anjou. Having turned Huguenot at the age of twenty-one, his father disinherited him, and he was left penniless. He came over in the retinue of Henrietta Maria, on her marriage with Charles I., as one of her Majesty’s gentlemen carvers, but the Queen dismissed him on finding out he was a Protestant and did not go to mass. He described himself as being captain and major of English troops in Italy and Flanders.—Wheatley’s Pepys and the World he lived in, pp. 6, 250.

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