Person:Alexander Caskey (1)

Alexander 'Alex' Caskey
b.26 Jun 1811 Adams County, Ohio
d.24 Sep 1868 Adams County, Ohio
  1. John Caskey1801 - 1825
  2. Isabelle Caskey1803 - 1864
  3. Rev. James Caskey1807 - 1854
  4. William Caskey1809 -
  5. Alexander 'Alex' Caskey1811 - 1868
m. 26 Dec 1838
Facts and Events
Name Alexander 'Alex' Caskey
Gender Male
Birth[1] 26 Jun 1811 Adams County, Ohio
Marriage 26 Dec 1838 Adams County, Ohioto Lurissa Patton
Death[1] 24 Sep 1868 Adams County, Ohio
Burial[1] 1868 Cherry Fork Cemetery, Wayne, Adams, Ohio, United States
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    Alexander "Alex" Caskey
    Birth: Jun. 26, 1811
    Adams County
    Ohio, USA
    Death: Sep. 24, 1868
    Adams County
    Ohio, USA

    Alex was the son of James (Jim) & Margaret "Peggy" Caskey. James & Peggy left Rockbridge County, Virginia and went west to Ohio with their family. The trip was made over land by covered wagon and the final leg of the trip was down the Ohio River on a flat boat. Peggy gave birth to Alex while traveling down the Ohio River on that flat boat in 1811.

    The following is a story concerning an old Indian and Alex that has been handed down thru the family. It seems Alex & the Indian would pack-up donkeys & take off for days at a time. Upon their return, the donkeys would be loaded with bags of silver ore. Alex's brother-in-law, Jonathan Waite, worked for the government & had access to fifty cent molds. Jonathan smuggled the molds out & gave them to Alex. Alex used the molds to make his counterfeit money. The government caught onto this as the money being passed contained more silver than the government money. Alex was brought before the court & asked how he made his money. Alex told them he made it with his anvil. (Alex was a blacksmith) Alex was never convicted & the charges were dropped. Alex's oldest son, Will went west, and when his sons were old enough he told them about the silver mines. In 1929, after his death, Will's sons came back to Adams County to hunt for the mines but they were never found. (Note: it has been told that the Shawnee Indians had silver mines but the location of the mines were never found. It has been speculated they were in the vicinity of Caesar's Creek, north of Wilmington, Ohio)

    Alex was a blacksmith & a wood worker. He also had an inventive streak. He developed a clover seed huller in wich he became entangled & lost his arm which partially disabled him the remainder of his life.

    On 15 Jul 1863, a small band of Morgan's Raiders rode down the lane of the Caskey homestead looking for fresh horses. News of Morgan's advancement had spread like wildfire thru the bustling villages & across the farms lands of Wayne twp. So before the raiders arrival, the horses had been hidden on the back of the farm & the saddles & bridles in a tall grassy thicket not far from the house. The attic of the old brick home was used as a look out & hiding place. From this location the family had a bird's eye view of all the activity on the ground. They watched as the raiders searched for horses, food & valuables. Alex had kept his gun at his side & planned to use it however, his family interceded & prevented him form making a mistake that may have cost him his life. With a nod & a word from their commander they were in their saddles & off down the lane at a gallop. The raiders had found Lurissa's old horse & had taken it with them. Lurissa & the girls were upset over their loss as the horse was the only horse gentle enough to pull their carriage. The raiders camped along Graces Run & Will, their oldest son was sent with one of the younger horses to trade for the old carriage horse. The raiders were willing to make the trade & Will return with the old horse in hand. So ended the skirmish that never was between Alex & the men in gray.

    While visiting a neighbor on Graces Run, Alex was kicked in the abdomen by his horse & died 2 days later.

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