Person:Adèle de France (1)

Adèle de France
b.est 0896
d.aft Mar 0931
Facts and Events
Name[2][8] Adèle de France
Alt Name Hildebrante , van Neustrië
Alt Name[7] NN
Gender Female
Birth[6][9] est 0896 House of Robertians
Marriage bef 21 May 907 to Herbert II de Vermandois
Death[1] aft Mar 0931
Reference Number[2] Q6051215?
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    born abt 887, died aft Mar 931

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    In the genealogy chart of P. Glenn Smith, "Mayflower Quarterly," May 1992, Princess Adela is referred to as Princess Liegarde. She is also called Hildebrante in "Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists." On the other hand, Wikipedia indicates that Adela and Hildebrante represent separate people.

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    Her name is deduced from a 21 May 907 donation, but is not certain. Other secondary sources give her name as Hildebrand, but in both cases, she is identified as the daughter of Robert I King of France.

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    Adèle de France, fille de Robert, marquis de Neustrie et futur roi de France sous le nom de Robert Ier.

  9. Her birth year is estimated based on the estimated year her father remarried, and the estimated birth years of her children. Her birth year may be as early as 887, as suggested by Europäische Stammtafeln, but it was likely later if Guy de Vermandois was her son and Guy's widow later married Nocher Comte de Bar-sur-Aube, as given by one early source (see Medieval Lands).