Person:Abraham Howe (3)

Abraham Howe
b.Bef 1636 England
  • HAbraham HoweBef 1636 - 1694/95
  • WHannah WardAbt 1639 - 1717
m. 26 Mar 1657
  1. Daniel HoweAbt 1658 - 1718
  2. Mary Howe1659 - 1723
  3. Joseph Howe1661/62 - 1701
  4. Hannah Howe1663 - 1735
  5. Elizabeth Howe1665 - 1739
  6. Deborah Howe1666/67 - 1743
  7. Rebecca Howe1668 - 1749
  8. Abraham Howe1670 - 1704
  9. Sarah Howe1672 - 1746
  10. Abigail Howe1674/75 - 1697
Facts and Events
Name Abraham Howe
Gender Male
Birth[6] Bef 1636 England
Marriage 26 Mar 1657 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Hannah Ward
Death[1][5] 30 Jan 1694/95 Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

A Quick Analysis of Competing Theories of The Origins of Abraham How

Sources cited on this page present three versions of the origins of Abraham How/Howe who married Hannah Ward. Stearns and Martyn are somewhat in agreement that Abraham came from Roxbury. Cutter suggests (story 1) that Abraham How immigrated to Watertown, and, (story 2) he was a son of John Howe and came to Marlborough from Roxbury.

It may be that the son of John Howe version is the result of a misreading. Cutter never actually says Abraham is the son of John Howe. It is based on a statement in Cutter that a certain descendant is 8 generations from Abraham and 9 from John. But based on ages, they appear to be more likely to be brothers, since they are both having children in 1660s and 1670s. They both immigrated from England and settled in different towns. So perhaps the cited descendant is merely descended from two different Howes by paths of different lengths, and this statement wasn't meant to imply a father/son relationship.

The Roxbury version of Abraham's origins are more attractive, but closer inspection yields problems with it. Abraham and Hannah had daughters Sarah and Elizabeth recorded in Marlborough in 1672 and 1665, respectively. This is clearly the Abraham we are interested in since the birth records name the mother, Hannah. So the Abraham of Roxbury appears to be a different man, since he has daughters Sarah and Elizabeth born in Roxbury in 1676 and 1678. This appears to the Abraham who is baptized in 1653, the son of "Abram" of Roxbury. (Source:Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Roxbury, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849, p. 187: How, Abram, s. Abram, bp. Sept. 25, 1653.) While this baptism is often attributed to the Abraham How of this page, that arrangement causes problems because this Abraham married Hannah four years later. On the other hand, it could be a normal infant baptism for an Abraham who had children in 1676 and 1678. So, it seems most likely that the records for Abraham How in Roxbury belong to this other man, while the Abraham How of this page did not have any connection to Roxbury.

The emigrated to Watertown, then to Marlborough version presented by Cutter makes more sense because Abraham's marriage occurred there as did the births of his first two children, prior to his relocation to Marlborough. Given the problems with the other two theories, this seems like the most likely scenario. However, there is no actual evidence presented to show anything other than that Abraham was in Watertown during a certain part of his life. This page has been modified to be consistent with this theory, but it must still be regarded as tentative. --Jrich 09:27, 26 January 2010 (EST)

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    How, Abraham Sr., [died] Jan. 30, 1694-5.

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    Abraham Howe, eldest child of Abraham Howe of Roxbury, b. England and emigrated with his parents [bef. 1638], m. Watertown 6 May 1657 Hannah Ward.

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    [p. 4:1846] Abraham Howe, immigrant ancestor, was a proprietor in Watertown m. 6 May 1657 Hannah Ward and had some early children in Watertown.
    [p. 4:1600] A passage strongly implying Abraham Howe, immigrant ancestor, was son of John Howe, "both of whom were among the founders of Marlborough." Married 1657 Hannah Ward.

  4.   Martyn, Charles. William Ward genealogy: the history of the descendants of William Ward of Sudbury, Mass., 1638- 1925. (New York: Artemas Ward, 1925)

    Hannah Ward m. March 26 1657 Abraham How, probably from Roxbury.

  5. Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Middlesex County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1648-1871. (American Ancestors, 2014)
    Case 11972: Abraham How 1695.

    Will of "Abraham How of Marlburrough ... Weaver", dated 24 May 1694, proved 12 Mar 1694/95, names wife Hannah; oldest son Daniel How; son Joseph How; son Abrham How; five daughters already married ... viz. Mary, wife of John Bouker, Hannah, wife of Eleazar How, Elisabeth, wife of Samuel Brigham, Deborah, wife of John Barret jun, & Rebecca, wife of Peter Rice; two other daugnters namely Sarah How, and Abigail How. Wife and son Daniel to be executors, brother in law Capt. Henry Kerly [note: married to wife's sister] and kinsman John Barns Sen to be overseers.
    15 Feb 1694/95: Inventory of Abraham How Sen'r: £493-18-06.

  6. Estimated birth date of about 1636 is based on the assumption that Abraham attained legal age (21) before marrying in 1657. It could well be that he is older than this, given the time required to immigrate and establish himself in Watertown.