Person:Abraham Doud (5)

Abraham Doud
b.Est 1728
d.Bef 27 May 1793
  • HAbraham DoudEst 1728 - Bef 1793
  • WRuth _____Abt 1737 - 1798
  1. Martha Doud1759 -
  2. Mary Doud1762 - 1819
Facts and Events
Name Abraham Doud
Gender Male
Birth[2] Est 1728
Death[1] Bef 27 May 1793

I have been unable to determine who this Abraham Doud is, other than that he is referred to in the birth records of both of his daughters in the Guilford Vital Records as Abraham, 4th. This does not necessarily mean that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather were named Abraham, as such designations were used to distinguish between men of the same name in the same place at the same time, regardless of their relationship to each other.

As far as I can tell, there were 4 other Abraham Doud's living in Guilford in Dec 1759 (when he was referred to as Abraham, 4th):

Abraham Doud (1691-1768), the son of Thomas and Ruth (Johnson) Doud
Abraham Doud (1697-1781), the son of John and Mary (Bartlett) Doud (no source for death date)
Abraham Doud (1719-1801), the son of Abraham and Sarah (Doud) Doud - who was designated as Abraham, 3rd when his sons Henry and Lemuel were born Aug 1759
Abraham Doud (1720s/1730s?-?), the son of Abraham and Abigail (Johnson) Doud - whose daughter Abigail was born in 1763

Since Abraham (1719-1801) was designated as Abraham, 3rd (when it is known that his father was named Abraham, but not his grandfather), it is assumed that this designation (as 3rd or 4th) was to distinguish between the various Abraham Doud's living in Guilford at the time. It is further assumed that the designation was based on age. It is possible that the last Abraham above was not actually living in Guilford, even though his children were listed in the Guilford VRs, but rather than assume that, I have assumed that Abraham, 4th was older than the last of the Abraham's listed above.

It appears that he was not originally from Guilford, and he cannot be easily connected to the other Guilford Doud/Dowd's.

  1. Second Congregational North Guilford, in Connecticut, United States. Church Record Abstracts, 1630-1920. ( (database on-line), 2013)

    'Ruth [Dowd/Doud],wid.,communicant May 27,1793'

  2. Based on his designation as Abraham, 4th in Dec. 1759, and approx. birth year of his wife.