Person:Abigail Wardwell (2)

Abigail Wardwell
d.bef 3 Mar 1760
m. Bef 17 Oct 1710
  1. Mary Wardwell1711/12 - AFT 1748/49
  2. Abigail Wardwell1714 - bef 1760
  3. Hannah Wardwell1716 - BEF 1749
  4. Joseph Wardwell1718 - 1782
  5. Meribah Wardwell1720 - AFT 1762
  6. Samuel Wardwell1722/23 - BEF 1749
  7. Eliakim Wardwell1725 - Bef 1749
  8. Lydia Wardwell1727 - AFT 1749
  9. Hephzibah Wardwell1729 - AFT 1752
  10. Jeremiah Wardwell1731/32 - AFT 1764
  11. Daniel Wardwell1734 - 1803
  • WAbigail Wardwell1714 - bef 1760
  1. John Wardwell1734/35 -
  • HJoseph Perkins1718/19 - bef 1746/47
  • WAbigail Wardwell1714 - bef 1760
m. 27 DEC 1739
  1. Ruth Perkins1740 -
  2. Deborah Perkins1742 -
  3. Mary Perkins1745 - 1797
  4. Joseph Perkins1746 - 1818
m. 16 JUN 1752
  1. Ebenezer Watson1753 -
Facts and Events
Name Abigail Wardwell
Gender Female
Birth[1] 27 Jun 1714 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Other 22 DEC 1739 York, York, Maine, United StatesMarriage Intention
with Joseph Perkins
Marriage 27 DEC 1739 York, York, Maine, United Statesto Joseph Perkins
Other 6 MAR 1752 York, York, MEMarriage Intention
with Ebenezer Watson
Marriage 16 JUN 1752 York, York, MEto Ebenezer Watson
Death[2] bef 3 Mar 1760

York, Maine Vital Records contain this entry:

"John, the Son of Abigail Wardwell, whose Reputed Father is Timi Bagley was born in York, February 27, 1734/5." Abigail charged with fornication, April 1735 in York County Court.

For reasons unknown, Abigail was the only child of Ruth (Bragdon) and Eliakim Wardwell to be baptized in his hometown of Andover in the Masssachusetts Colony. She was about 19 when she had a son, John, "the reputed Timothy Bagley". From the many colonial court records of fornication, this was not such an unusual occurrence. Her parents had been brought to court in 1710 for this offense.

Late in 1739, Abigail, 25 1/2, married Joseph Perkins, 21, the natural son of "Deborah Webber Junior". Deborah had been "brought before the court on April 1, 1718, for having a bastard child. She accused Jacob Perkins of York and Wells, 33, of fathering her son Joseph", (who had been born at York on February 8, 1717/18). Jacob Perkins subsequently denied the accusation, and posted a bond of £50 support, paid the court fees, and was "acquitted" (probably "dismissed" after posting the bond).

On the other hand, "Deborah's charge was dispensed with quite differently: the Court ordered that she 'receive Ten stripes on her naked back to the post & to pay fees of Court 8s, or pay a fine of 30 shillings and fees."

Abigail and Joseph had two daughters and a son, all born at Cape Neddick (1740-46) before Joseph's death some time after March 1746 and by February 4,1746/47. On the latter date, Abigail was appointed administrix of Joseph's estate. The inventory, filed February 9, 1746/47, listed 4 1/22 acres of land, a house located at Cape Neddick in York, on the north side of the road leading to Wells, near Burnt Maple Brook, purchased from Jacob Hamlen the year previous, on February 14, 1745/46; and personal property appraised at over£1,000 ... an enormous sum for the period!

Abigail remained a widow for five years, and then married Ebenezer Watson, probably a widower. Their only child, Ebenezer II, was born posthumously, his baptismal record showing his mother as "Abigail, a widow". She was 39 at the time of his birth.

Abigail died before March 31, 1760, on which date her brother, Jeremiah Wardwell, was appointed administrator of her husband's estate as well as of the estate of Joseph Perkins, "which the widow had not closed". -Eliakim Wardwell of York, Maine With an Informal Collection of His Descendants through the 7th Generation, Majorie Wardwell Otten 2002

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