MySource:Will of Thomas Scudder (1657/58)

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From Richard Scudder on GenForum This will may also be available from Essex Antiquarian, vol. 7, page 125, but this has not been examined.

"By the will of God Amen, I Thomas Scudder inhabitant of Salem in Newengland, being sick, & weake in bodye, but of perfect strength of memorye, & vnderstandinge, doe appoint, ordeeine, & make this my last will & testament. I doe therefore by these presents appoint, & give vnto my welbeloved wiffe Elizabeth Scudder, dureinge her life, all my wordly goodes, & estate whatsoever of houses, landes, Cattle, & all moveable goodes, & vsentles of what kind soever, & all personall estate whatsoever & I doe allso ordeine, & make, & appoint her my said Wiffe, my full, & sole Execatrixe after my death onely my desire is that after her death, what shee shall leave, of any of my foresaid personall estate, it shalbe devided amongst my Children, John Scudder, & Thomas Scudder & Hennry Scudder, & Elizabeth Barthelmew, And Thomas Scudder my Grandchilde, the sonne of my sonne William Scudder desesed, & my mynde & will is, that all such estate, as my said wiffe Elizabeth Scudder shall leave after her death shallbe valewed, & equally devided to my said Children, & Grandchild, & my said Grandchild to have as much as any one of them. Neverthelesse, one Cowe, which I formerlye gave my said wiffe, I doe in noe wise dispose of, butt leaue itt wholly to my said wiffe to dispose of itt, as shee shall thinke good. And that this is my last Will, & testament I have herevnto sett my hand, and seale, this thirtyeth daye of September, one thousand sixe hundred fiftye & seaven:"

his mark Thomas C Scudder Witness: Richard Waters, Wilom Traske, Joseph F Boyse and Thomas Deutch. his mark Proved in Salem court June 29, 1658, by Richard Waters and Cap. William Traske. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol 4. leaf 63.

Inventory of estate of Thomas Scudder, deceased, 1657, taken by Thomas Gardner and Joseph (his X mark) Boys, and sworn to by his widow, Elizabeth (her X mark) Scudder: His house & orchyard, 20li.*; three Oxen, 13li.,; three Cowes, 9li.; foure sheepe & lambe, 7li.; two swine, 1li.; Axes & other tooles, 1li.; hempe, 5s. 4d.; two brasse panns panns & foure skillets, 1li. 2s.; two spitts, one pott hanger, fire pan, & tonges, one feather bed & bolster & two pillowes, 4li.; three sheetes, 10s.; his wearinge apparrell, 3li.; two Cushins & three Curteins, 12s.; two Chests & two boxes, 17s.; one barrell with tallowe, 17s.; Tubbe & pales, 10s.; other Lumber, 10s.; total 73li. 8s. 4d. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 4, leaf 64.

Administration upon the estate of Tho. Scudder, which was left in the hands of his wife who lately deceased, was granted 28: 9: 1665, to Mr. Henery Bartholomew and Hillyard Veren, who were ordered to bring in an inventory, Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 152.