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MySource Will of Robert Porter, Cecil County MD, 1770
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Will of Robert Porter, Cecil County MD, 1770.

From: home page of James R. Mitchell (ephemeral site)

Extracts from the will of Robert Porter, recorded in Cecil County, Maryland Will Book 38 page 878. The following information was taken from typed by Mary Frances Taylor from the will of Robert Porter

Robert Porter (single) died 29 Dec 1770 age 28 years.

  1. I give to brother Stephen Porter my whole estate both real & personal, he paying, giving and allowing as herein bequeathed:
  2. to brother Andrew Porter the one half of my mill & plantation to be occupied by him for & during the term of 5 years at the end of which I desire, he must return the property to Stephen in as good repair as when he received it & further I give to brother Andrew £20 of Pennsylvania Currency.
  3. I give to brother William Porter £20 of Pennsylvania Currency.
  4. I give to brother George Porter £20 , the one half where of paid him within 1 year after my decease, the other half one year following.
  5. I give to sister Elizabeth Porter £20 . . .
  6. I give to sister Elinor £20 . . .
  7. I give to brother James Porter £20 currency of Pennsylvania to be paid him when he becomes 21 years of age.
  8. I give and bequeath to brother Samuel Porter £20 to be paid when he is 20 years of age.
  9. I order that if my brother Stephen should die without an heir lawfully begotten, that in that case, the whole estate left him shall become Andrew's but it so happens that Andrew dies without an heir, then his estate & his part of this estate shall descend to brother James Porter
  10. I order that in case any of the above legatees should died in minority that their part of my estate devised above shall be equally divided among the surviving brothers & sisters above mentioned.
  11. I give and bequeath unto my nephew Robert Ewing, son of Patrick £10 currency, provided he lives to 21 years.
  12. Brother Stephen is to be executor.
Will written 17 December 1770 Witnesses: Patrick Ewing, Stephen Gillespie, Robert Ewing

Notes: Witnesses Patrick and Robert Ewing are believed to be brothers and the sons of Patrick Ewing. The other witness, Steven Gillespie, is believed to be a son of Anne and George Gillespie.

Summary Will of Robert Porter, 1770, Cecil County MD, dated 17 Dec. 1770 lists the following heirs brothers





Robert Ewing


brother Stephen Porter