MySource:Welltester/Julia Ann (Stuck) Wilson, Letter from Michael Stuck (Jr) 1880

MySource Julia Ann (Stuck) Wilson, Letter from Michael Stuck (Jr) 1880
Year range 1880 - 1880
Surname Allen
Publication information
Type Letter Abstract
Publication Personal Communication
Julia Ann (Stuck) Wilson, Letter from Michael Stuck (Jr) 1880. (Personal Communication).

Letter to: Rev. Alfred H. Stuck, Hamilton, N.Y.: postmarked from Vermontville, Mich., April 20, 1880; from Michael Stuck:

                                                          April 16th, 1880

Alfred I will try to answer your questens as well as I can, but my memorey is rather trecherous, you wisd to know about the originalitey of the [name] Stuck now You know more about the way it aught to be Spelt or pernounce[d] with Your education. You can inquire of aney Dutchman how he pronounce the name of his walking Stick or Stalk of grain when growing corn and he will redeley give you the correct Sound and you can Spell the word to suit Yourself. I said the nane in dutch was spelt Stock allthough I may not be correct the yankee pronounciation cuts it short thus Stuck, now I have no objecti[n] your calling it what you [think] is write there was a german professer at the orlond [Orland] Seminarey cald Mary Stock

{from here, written by Libbie Wier Stuck, Michael's 2nd wife}

As your Father is tired out he wishes me to answ [some of] your question(s) and so as the preacher says, (firstley) our oan famely are well With the exceptions of your Father his health is very poor most of the time (Secondly) Mr. Hills people are Well Alace is maried to A Widower 45 years old with too boys she has another one of her oan, Jim Wier is at Minnesota also Dan Wier and famely {these may be Libbie's brothers} Jims wife is mariaed again to some one I dont kno. Charley Jacokes is I think living the same as When your were here. he is on his third year in that place and they want him another year, there is no one living across the road yet altho there is a peice of Wheet there. and (lastly) I gues your Father will have to fill out for I do not no much about either your Mothers friends or yorr Fathers. Libbie

{end of Libbie's part of letter; the following is written by Michael}:

Your Mothers brothers names James Henrey [is] dead Robert Allen) and Mathew Coffin Otsego alligan [Allegan] Co mich the girls were first Lucy She lived her cuzen familey, Jerard Hallock N Y Editers of the Jerenel [Journa?] of Comer[s] [Commerce?] Mary ann Thaxter Allen California

My brothers names Ferdanand dead. 75 [or 45?] Jeremiah N Y State aligany [Allegany] co David Mich, John Hillsdale co mich Samuel Lickleys corners hilsdale [Hillsdale Co.] mich the girls names Julian [Juliann] [Wilson] Tecumsey [Tecumseh?] mich Barbrey [Barbara] Ruchk Ypsilantie mich Susan Voorheis Whiteford mich Salley Fullar arcasses [Arkansas?] Ester Fullar ashton Osceola co mich Maria Ribbel Northeren mich my Father was 93 years when he dide my mother 76 years oald when she dide

                        Doonot forgit to Sende me that Likeness of your Wife when you get her, write often

I think Lloid treetes me rather Shabeley I have not receivd aney letter from him in two years onley a postel, he had forgot his age and requested me to Sende it and I returned the Same complement of the record of his birth on a postel

All is well that endes well

                  M. Stuck