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MySource Van Rensselaer, 1909:228
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Van Rensselaer, 1909:228.

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…the Wechquaeskecks broke loose beyond the Harlem River and murdered Anne Hutchinson and her household of sixteen, sparing only her little daughter, and some of the settlers on Throgmorton's and Cornell's plantations. When this was known in New England Thomas Hooker declared that the 'bare arm' of God displayed itself in the death of Mrs. Hutchinson, and Thomas Welde wrote:

God's hand is the more apparently seen herein to pick out this woeful woman to make her and those belonging to her an unheard-of heavy example above others

Soon the flame of war burst out along the western shores of river and bay and upon Long Island. Here only Lady Deborah Moody 's plantation was saved, her stout party of colonists beating off the attacks of the savages. Francis Doughty, the clergyman who had settled at Mespath, fled with his associates to New Amsterdam where he ministered for a time to his compatriots, the Dutch residents assisting them to support him. He was the first English clergyman who officiated on Manhattan. Then the savages devastated Manhattan itself so that above the Kalck Hoek Pond only half a dozen bouweries remained and the inhabitants

of these were in hourly fear of destruction.