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Thompson, Benjamin F. 1839. History of Long island; containing an account of the discovery and settlement; with other important and interesting matters to the present time. New York: E. French.

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A general patent for this town, written both, in Dutch and English, was obtained from Governor William Kieft on the 19th of December, 1645. The patentees named therein are the Lady Deborah Moody, Sir Henry Moody, Ba- onet, Ensign George Baxter, and Sergeant James Hubbard, with their associates; and is for "A certain quantity of land lying or being upon or about the westernmost part of Long Island, beginning at the north of a creek adjacent to Cony ne- Island,and bounded OH the west part thereof with the lands belonging to Anthony Johnson and Robert Pennoyre; and to run as far as the westernmost part of a certain pond in an old Indian field on the nnrlh side of the plantation of the said Robert Pennoyre; and from thence to run directly east as far as a valley, being at the head of a fyy or marsh some time belonging to the land of Hugh Garretson; and being bounded on the south with the main Ocean, with liberty to put what cattle they shall see fitting to feed or graze upon the aforesaid Conyne Island, and with liberty to build a town, with such necessary fortifications as to them shall seem expedient; and to have and enjoy the free liberty of conscience according to the customs and manners of Holland without molestation, and to establish courts, and elect magistrates, to try all causes not exceeding fifty Holland guilders."