MySource:Quolla6/Obituary of Richard Borden, 25 May 1671

MySource Obituary of Richard Borden, 25 May 1671
Place Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Year range 1671 -
Surname Borden
Obituary of Richard Borden, 25 May 1671.

The following obituary notice of Richard Borden is from the Record of the Friends Monthly Meeting at Newport (citation needed), fide Weld, 1899:39.

"Richard Borden of Portsmouth, R. I., being one of the first planters of Rhode Island, lived about seventy years and then died at his own house, belonging to Portsmouth. He was buried on the burial ground given by Robert Dennis to the Friends, which is in Portsmouth, and lieth on the left hand of the way that goeth from Portsmouth to Newport, upon the 25th day of the 3rd month, 1671"