MySource:Jlchaff/Chaffin, Jaunita. Chronicle of Jack Lee Chaffin

MySource Chaffin, Jaunita. Chronicle of Jack Lee Chaffin
Author Jaunita Chaffin
Place Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Montana, United States
Corvallis, Ravalli, Montana, United States
Malta, Phillips, Montana, United States
Glasgow, Valley, Montana, United States
Shoup, Lemhi, Idaho, United States
Fort Benton, Chouteau, Montana, United States
Butte, Silver Bow, Montana, United States
Year range 1939 - 1968
Surname Chaffin
Publication information
Type Biography
Publication Unpublished
Jaunita Chaffin. Chaffin, Jaunita. Chronicle of Jack Lee Chaffin. (Unpublished).

Chronicle of Jack Lee Chaffin

By Jaunita (Atwood) Chaffin

This was written while Jaunita was in the rest home at Hamilton in the summer of 1993. It was never finished.

1939: He was married in April of 1939
1940-1942: He flood irrigated beet fields for ranches in the Valley. Was nothing but acre after acre of sugar beets for years and what ever else needed done on a ranch.
1942-1943: In Nov of 1942 we went to Anaconda for work. Merlyn had his 3rd birthday there. We lived in two dark little rooms and couldn't find anything so in March we came back home.
1943-1944: He worked for ranchers in the B.R. Valley.
1945-1948: He went to work for Homer Bailey below Corvallis and worked there till we went to Malta. The house we lived in is still there.
1948: June of 1948 we went to Malta, Mont. that's in North Eastern Mont. Up by the Canada line, or going that way, an awful place. You never seen misquitoes till you go to that country. We lived at Malta till Jan. of 1949. Jack worked for a plumber as a helper and learned how to plumb stuff into the houses. His Dad got worse so we moved into Glasgow.
1949-1951: In Jan. 1949 we moved to Glasgow. Lived in 2 little shack's one we cooked and ate in and one we slept in. Dad went to work for Ed Johnson. He was a electrician, Dad went as his helper and learned his electrician work there. Jack's Dad had Cancer of the bowels and was really sick before he died. We lived in Glasgow till May 1951.
1951: My Mom was having surgery, her stomach taking out, she had cancer and could only live 3 months the way she was. So we came home. Dad worked for ranchers till Nov. Then we went to Shoup, Ida. I cooked for 2 extra guy's and got $150.00 for it and dad worked with cattle. But neither of us liked it there so in March we came back to the B.R.
1952-1953: I worked in the laundry and Dad worked for a rancher. In July we went to Anaconda to work and there's where Dad worked only (except) when they were on strike. Then he worked elsewhere. But he always went back to Anaconda Co.
1954-1956 On strike; we went to Fort Benton and Dad worked for John Deere. We had an upstairs apt. Bud and Madge rented the downstairs. We were there until Jan. 1956. Danny was born and buried there in 1955.
1956: We came back to Anaconda Co. but lived in Deer Lodge. Mike was born in Deer Lodge and we moved to Opportunity, the house we rented was sold. Betty Loy had TB and went to Galen for two months. We were all tested for TB but we never had it. Dad had signs of it but it was inactive. Sure had us worried for Mike was just a tiny baby, for someone to take care of, he wouldn't of had it. Betty Loy came home. But she could only take short walks and she had to rest every day and every 2 wks I took her back to Galen to be checked for awhile. She went to school at Beaver Damn in Opportunity which really helped. She was in the 4th grade.
1957: for Anaconda Co.
1958: for Anaconda Co. Merlyn graduated from High School and went to Fort Benton to work for Ermal Hanson, the guy Dad and he worked for when we lived there.
1959: We still lived in Deer Lodge. Sis is a Sophmore in high school. I work at Galen and she takes care of Mike after school and finishes Supper for them. She's a lot of help Keeps the house shinny but the dishes she don't like.
1960: Still at Deer Lodge. Dad still works for Anaconda. He was transfered to Butte to the Weed Concentrator plant what ever they did there.
1961: Still working at Butte - 2 wks Days, 2 wks afternoons, 2 wks nites, what shifts and what a life. He don't feel real good anymore and his breathing is poor. But he wont quit the Co.
1962: Still at Deer Lodge
1963: We still live at Deer Lodge and Dad still works in Butte.
1964: He been real sick was in the hosp., a tumor found on his Soscuse (wind pipe). Bisopiny (Biopsy) taken but it wasn't cancer. He never worked for 6 months thro but he was paid. Can't remember what they carried to be paid, when they were off sick for 6 months.
1965-1966: Still at Butte. He's breathing is quite poor. He coughs adn passes out-falls if he's sitting in a chair or standing up. Been to Drs. but as yet they havn't found anything but some Emphysema on him. I'm almost afraid to go to work and come home. I call 2 or 3 times a shift. So far so good.
1967-1968: Still working at Butte when he's not sick. I'm still out at Galen. Mike is in the 6th grad this year. Sis and her family lives at Opportunity but Roberts talking about going to Alaska. So I suppose they will...