MySource:Quolla6/Bazley, 1907:531-532

MySource Bazley, 1907:531-532
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Bazley, 1907:531-532.

Source:Bazley, 1907

Lee, Francis Bazley. 1907. Genealogical and personal memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey. New York: Lewis Pub. Co.

Brazley, 1907:531-532

Note: This passage provides data about the overall history of John Throckmorton. Other authors place him in the New Netherlands by 1642.


John Throckmorton…came to America with Roger Williams in ship "Lion." They sailed from Bristol, England, December 1, 1630, and arrived at Boston, Massachusetts, February 5, 1631. He had been an officer of an English corporation and had some acquaintance with the law; was made freeman at Salem, May 18, 1631. He was one of the thirteen original proprietors of Providence Plantation, October 8, 1638 ; he was one of twelve persons to whom Roger Williams deeded land that he had bought of Camonicus & Wrantonomi. In 1639 ne bought of Roger Williams his interest in Chibachonest, now called Prudence Island. He and his wife were original members of Providence church. On July 27, 1640, he and thirty-eight others signed an agreement for a form of government. On July, 6, 1643, he obtained a grant of land for himself and thirty- five associates of Governor Kieft in New York ; it was situated in West Chester county, at what is now called Throggs Neck (an abbreviation of Throckmorton). His settlement was brief for Mr. Winthrop records in September of this year "that the Indians set upon the English who dwelt under the Dutch and killed such of Mr. Throckmorton's and Mr. Cornhill's families as 'were at home ; some that escaped went back to Rhode Island." John Throckmorton returned to Providence. In 1652 he was moderator and deputy to Rhode Island general court in 1664- 65-66-67-68-70-71-72-73-75. In 1666 he swore allegiance, and in 1667 was a member of the town council and town treasurer. He was one of the original purchasers of land in Monmouth county, New Jersey ; was narried in settlement and awarded a share. He died and was buried at Middletown, where he had probably gone on a visit to his children.