Logan in Blount County, Tennessee

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Blount, Tennessee, United States

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William Henderson-384 ¾ acres-Blount County-Holston River, Tellico Ferry Road bounded northwest by John Gillispie, southeast and south by Hannah Chamberlain, Wm. Colebourne and John Grant, , vacant land-CC None Surveyed December 19, 1806 (French Broad-Land Grant #15)

William Gillispie 401 ¼ acres-Blount County-on Holston River bounded on northwest by river, northeast by James Gillispie, southeast by William Henderson, west by William Gillispie, on all other sides by vacant land-CC None Surveyed December 25, 1806 (French Broad-Land Grant #4)

Joel Wallace -221 acres 2 rods 10 poles-Blount County-on waters of Crooked Creek-CC Thomas England and Wm. Wallace Surveyed December 30, 1806 (French Broad-Land Grant #232)

John McConnell - 576 acres-Blount County-CC Samuel McConnell and John Wilson Surveyed March 13, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #50)

David Bonine-489 acres-Blount County-on waters of Holston River, bounded on northeast by Terence Connor, southwest by Alexander, west by Peter Bowerman CC David Hoover and Alexander Henderson Surveyed January 2, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #119)

Mark Love-286 ¼ acres-Blount County-CC A. Logan and Alexander Craig Granted February 21, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #1034)

John Gibson-205 acres-Blount County-on Golohers Creek-CC A. Logan and Isaac Logan Granted February 26, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #744)

Robert McCulley -233 ¼ acres-Blount County-in the fork of Golohers Creek-CC Alex. Logan and Isaac White. Granted February 26, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #1182)

Joseph McConnell -624 ½ acres-Blount County-West Fork of Bakers Creek-CC Samuel McConnell and John Wilson Surveyed March 13, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #51)

James Logan -136 ½ acres-Blount County-on the west fork of Bakers Creek waters of Tennessee River-CC Samuel McConnell and Samuel Orr Jr. Granted March 14, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #1010)

David & William Edmonston -422 ¾ acres-Blount County-CC Samuel McConnell and John McKee Surveyed March 17, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #49)

John McCartney-214 ¼ acres-Blount County-on Bakers Creek-CC Robert McGill and Wm. Moore Granted March 26, 1807 Assigned to George Hoge February 22, 1808 Witnesses Thos. Maxwell and Terrance O’Conner Reassigned to John McCartney Junr. February 23, 1808 Witnesses Jas. Logan and Thomas Maxwell (French Broad-Land Grant #1201)

James Montgomery Jun.-73 ¾ acres-Blount County-on a branch of Bakers Creek-CC Wm. Henry and Samuel Montgomery Granted April 27, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #116)

James Montgomery Sen.-445 acres-Blount County-Bakers Creek, Tellico Road, Maryville Road-CC Wm. M. Henry and Samuel Henry Surveyed April 28, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #13)

Samuel Henry Senr. -621 ¼ acres-Blount County-Bakers Creek, Maryville-Tellico Road-CC Samuel Henry and Samuel Montgomery Surveyed April 28, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #14)

Hugh Ferguson -138 ¼ acres-Blount County-on north fork of Galahers Creek-CC Alexander Logan and Alexander Craig Surveyed May 23, 1807 " Joel Wallace -221 acres 2 rods 10 poles-Blount County-on waters of Crooked Creek-CC Thomas (French Broad-Land Grant #112) (Note: Alexander R. Craig m. Susanna Logan 23 May 1800 Blount Co.

William Henry-252 ¼ acres-Blount County-Bakers Creek, am unimproved occupancy-CC Samuel Montgomery and Samuel Henry Surveyed May 25, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #12)

David Richey-311 ¼ acres-Blount County-on the waters of Bakers Creek-CC Wm. Thompson and Abm. McCord Granted June 10, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #1345

Charles Logan-132 ¾ acres-Blount County-on Bakers Creek-CC Jonah Alexander and John Logan Granted June 11, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #1028)

David McCord -95 acres 12 robs-Blount County-on the waters of ____?____ Branch-CC William Logan and James Steel. Surveyed June 11, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #1111)

Hugh Cunningham-317 ¼ acres-Blount County-on the waters of Bakers Creek-CC Josiah Alexander and John Logan Granted June 12, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #600)

David Thompson-185 acres 3 rods-Blount County-on the north side of Nine Mile Creek-CC William Logan and Adam Craig   Surveyed June 15, 1807  (French Broad-Land Grant #1300)

Abraham Phillips-184 acres 3 rods 39 poles-=Blount County-on north side Littlr River beginning at a stake below where the sector line crosses said river, bounded on Canady, bounded on Harden, Jas. Knight, Farmer, Jas. Caldwell’s line, George Ervin’s line-CC Nathan Farmer and Thomas Hardon Surveyed July 6, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #1228)

Thomas Hardon-166 acres 2 rods 23 perches-Blount County-on Little River beginning on the north bank Creek, corner to Michael Nimam, corner to Jim on Great Road, corner to Phillips, with A. Phillips, corner to Cannady-CC Abraham Phillips S Nathan Farmer Surveyed July 7, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #806)

James Knight -183 acres 2 rods-Blount County-waters of Little River, a branch of Nails Creek beginning on a post oak corner to Harden and Niman, corner to C. Haveley, corner to N. Farmer, corner to A. Phillips, corner to J. Harden-CC Abraham Phillips and Nathan Phillips Surveyed July 8, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #984)

Robert Thompson Esq.-414 acres-Blount County-on the waters of Bakers Creek, road to Tellico-CC None Granted July 13, 1807 (French Broad-Land Grant #1331)

Samuel Thompson-217 ¾ acres-Blount County-on waters of Bakers Creek-CC Sam’l Leath and Nathaniel ____ Granted July 13, 1807 Assigned to Robert Thompson February 22, 1808 Witnesses William Logan and Wolsley Pride (French Broad-Land Grant #1301)

James Logan -512 ½ acres-Blount County-on Cloyds Creek-CC None Granted July 28, 1807 Assigned to John Glass consideration $1,500 Witnesses John Wilson and Thos. Maxwell (French Broad-Land Grant #725

26 Jun 1808 Blount Co. TN - John Paxton of Rockbridge Co. VA - wife Mary, negro man named Boatswain, negro woman named Bena, daughter Hannah a negro woman named Lucy, Daughter Mary a negro boy named Jack, son John a negro man named Dick, son Joseph a plantation in Boutetourt Co., son William plantation in Rockbridge Co. VA and a negro man named Jess, son in law Samuel Houston a negro woman named Peg, son James the plantation where I now live, Grandson James Houston ½ of a lot in Lexington, Grandson John Houston the other half of the lot, Grandson Robert Houston a lot adjoining the other, Grandson John Lyle a lot adj. Robert’s lot, Grandson John Paxton, son of John Paxton, a lot adjoining Esther Lyle’s lot, lot to Granddaughter Esther Lyle. Appoints son Will Paxton and David Edmondson exors of his estate. Dated 3 Jan 1787. Wits John Bowyer, "Buchanan" and Thomas Paxton. by oaths of executors and John Bowyer and James Buchanan. Recorded in Blount Co. 29 Jan 1808 (Blount Co. TN Will Book 1 p. 118)

Alexander Logan -298 ¼ acres-Blount County-on the north fork of Galaher Creek waters of Holston. Assigned to William Montgomery June 26, 1808 Witnesses Alexander McNutt and James McNutt (French Broad-Land Grant #1013)

State of TN to James Logan -435 acres and one half "for the use of Colleges" Lying in the County of Blount in the district south of French Broad and Holston on the west fork of Bakers Creek, waters of Tennessee River for $735.50 bounded by Samuel Waid? Robert McCabe, And James & Joseph McConnell… to the line of John McKee Recorded 11 May 1812

28 Sep 1812 James Denton to Henry Logan, both of the County of Blount, State of Tennessee... that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred Dollars to him in hand paid hath granted Bargained and Sold to the said Henry Logan a tract of land on the Waters of Baker Creek adjoining lands surveyed for Joseph McRaynolds, Samuel Campbell and Joseph B. Lapsley containing 154 acres... Being part of a tract Granted by the State of Tennessee to Robert McGill then conveyed to James Denton. (signed) James Denton. Wits: J. Montgomery and Wm.? W. Henry. Recorded 10 May 1813 Blount Co. TN (Blount Co. Deed Book 1 p. 231)

28 March 1814 Samuel Cowan Esquire, Sheriff of Blount County of the one part and James Logain of said County and State of the other part. Witnessed That whereas by Virtue of a Writ from the Circuit Court of Said County on a judgement obtained in behalf of Samuel Love Against John Trimble, James Logan and John Wilson and to me the Sheriff directed on the 20th of November 1813 at the Courthouse of Maryville to publish sale to the highest bidder and the right & interest of the said John Trimble in and to an undivided moiety of a Tract of land situate in Said County on Nine Mile Creek containing 390 acres and two Rods bounded by a line to James Stewart. Whereas James Logan did offer the best bid offer for all right title and interest to the undivided moiety of said Tract of Land the said Sheriff did bargain and sell the same to Satisfy judgement. (signed) Samuel Cowan, Sheriff of Blount County TN. Wits: John Wilkinson and Robert Hughes. Recorded 4 April 1814 Blount Co. TN (Blount Co. TN Deed Book 1 p. 338)

22 Aug 1818 Henry Logan of the County of Blount and State of Tennessee to Bentley McGhee of same. Witnesseth that the said Logan for and in consideration of the sum of Four hundred and fifty dollars in hand paid hath granted Bargaine and Sold a certain tract of land lying and being in the County of Blount containing 135 1/4 acres bounded by the line of Hugh Kelso. (signed) Henry Logan Wits: William Logan and William S. Logan. Recorded Blount Co. Court 25 Jan 1818 (Blount Co. TN Deed Book 2 p. 145)

20 Jan 1820 Daniel Bell by his attorney John Bell of the County of Franklin and State of Tennessee of the one part and David Logan of the County of Blount and State of Tennessee of the other part. Witnesseth that the said David Bell by his attorney John Bell for and in consideration of the Sum of Six hundred and fifty Dollars to him in hand paid... hath Granted bargained and sold unto the said David Logan a certain parcel of Land Situate Lying and being in the County of Blount on the waters of Little River containing two hundred and thirty five Acres one Rood and twenty nine perch and Bounded (need to get the rest of this deed - I got home with only page 1)

13 Apr 1827 Will of Thomas Montgomery of the County of Blount and State of Tennessee "being weak of body but of sound mind". Son John P. Montgomery to get plantation "beginning on the line of the land granted to Joseph Orr dec'd" with this proviso that he is to allow my daughter Peggy Montgomery privelege of cutting timber for rails to make sufficient fencing. Daughter Peggy to get 75 acres being the resideue of my aforesaid plantation. I also bequeath to my said daughter all my household furniture except so much as my wife Mary Montgomery claims, I also give to my said daughter my loom and tucklings and one third part of a wagon which I have with my sons William and John and she is to "give her mother a comfortable support during her natural life." To sons David, George, William and Samuel Montgomery one dollar each. Same to daughter Susan Blithe. Appoints John P. and Peggy P. Montgomery executors. Signed Thomas Montgomery. Signed John Eaken and Joseph B. Logan

13 Apr 1827 Thomas Montgomery son John P. Montgomery, dau. Peggy Montgomery, son William, wife Mary, sons David & George and Samuel. Dated 13 Apr 1827 wits John Eakin and Joseph B. Logan (Blount Co. TN Will Book 1 p. 103)

3 Jan 1829 Will of Thomas Wear (Weir) of Blount County Tennessee ... daughter Jane Carson, the land I bought from Labour Adams. To daughter Polly the land I bought from John Wilson including the field which joins Joseph Logan and William McClung. Names Wife Elisabeth Weird and Daughter Anna. Appoints Samuel Montgomery, John Eakin and James Douglas Executors. (Signed) Thomas Wear. Wits: John Miller and Joseph B. Logan . Date recorded not included (Blount Co. Will Book 1 p. 134)

26 Mar 1835 John Houston - son John named executor.. Wits: John Eakin and James Houston dated 26 Mar 1835 (Blount Co. TN Will Book 1 p. 61)

7 March 1830. James Houston - son in law Robert Tedford to have land on Pistle Creek, which borders the Baptist Meeting House, McNutts corner, Samuel Houston’s line, McGhees line, Names dau. Sidney N. Houston. Mentions money to the South Western Theological Seminary at Maryville and the American Sunday School Union. Mentions his mills on Pistol Creek Grandson James Gillespie, and John Gillespie, and Jane Cowan and her heirs and more misc. grandchildren… dated 7 March 1830. Wits Hugh Weir, Robert MccLure and James Rober Willocks (Blount Co. TN Will Book 1 p. 58)

11 Mar 1839 George Bell- my beloved children John Bell, Catharine Johnson, Margaret Henderson, Thomas Bell, Samuel S., Mary Elisabeth Bell and Sarah Bell Wits: John Eaken and Sam’l Steel written 11 Mar 1839 (Blount Co. TN Will Book 1 p. 12)