Last will & testament of Lydia N. Hammond


Last will and testament of Lydia H. Jackman, 25th of February, 1890 (From a copy at Chelsea, VT, Court House in volume 27, pages 279 – 282)

I, Lydia H. Jackman of Thetford in the County of Orange and State of Vermont, being sensible of the liability of mankind to sudden death, at the same time being in my own apprehension of sound mind, do judge it best to make, and accordingly do hereby make this my last will and testament. It is my will that my just debts and the charges of my funeral be paid and discharged by my executor hereinafter named and appointed, out of my Estate, as soon as conveniently may be after my decease, and I leave the charges of my funeral to the direction of my said Executor. I give, devise, and dispose of all my Estate, real and personal, (save what shall be necessary for the payment of my just debts and funeral charges) in the following manner.

First, - I give, devise, and bequeath One hundred dollars in current money of the United States to Martha F. Udall, my niece, to be hers and her heirs forever.

Second, - I give, devise, and bequeath One hundred dollars in like current money of the United States to Roger Hovey, me nephew to be his and his heirs forever – meaning by “heirs” his living children.

Third, - I give, devise, and bequeath unto the four children of my nephew, Roger Hovey, to wit, Mary, Helen, Abbie, and Frederick, the sum of Twenty-five dollars each in current money of the United States to be theirs forever.

Fourth, - I give, devise, and bequeath, One hundred and seventy-five dollars in the like current money of &c, to C. S. Jackman my former husband’s brother to be his forever.

Fifth, - I give, devise, and bequeath Twenty-five dollars in the like current money of &c to J. B. Jackman my former husband’s brother if living at the time of my decease, if not then I give said Twenty-five dollars to Willie Ashley.

Sixth, - I give, devise, and bequeath Five hundred dollars, (in like amount to be endorsed on a note or notes now due from him to me late husband’s Estate or to me) to Enoch J. Tucker, a nephew of my former husband to him and his heirs forever. If the said Enoch J. should [have] paid the notes referred to before my decease, then and in that event, he is to receive Five Hundred Dollars in money and not otherwise.

Seventh, - I give, devise, and bequeath One hundred dollars to Bolivia Wilson of Sand Springs, Iowa.

Eighth, - I give, devise, and bequeath One hundred dollars to Lydia H. Wood of Sand Springs, Iowa.

Ninth, - I give, devise, and bequeath unto Julia Udall of Strafford, one goose feather bed in sitting room with bedding, unto Mary Hovey daughter of Roger Hovey, one goose feather bed and bedding in the North chamber, unto Martha Porter, one bureau with two drawers on top, 1 cottage bedstead with bedding, 1 sofa in parlor, 6 cane chairs with rocker, 1 white table spread and carpet in the south-west chamber, - unto Ida Waterman one lounge, unto Willie Tucker, dark light stand without leaves, and 4 cane chairs, unto Laura Hewins, chamber set in south-west chamber, unto Jerome Jackman son of C. S. Jackman, hall table, light stand with leaves and carpet in parlor, unto Ruth Tucker rattan arm chair and blue check shawl, unto Lydia Whitney, bureau in hall and motto “Welcome Home”, unto Rosaline Matson 1 black mourning shawl, unto James Davidson 6 wood bottom cane chairs, unto Lydia Davidson, one paisley shawl, unto Helen Hovey daughter of Roger Hovey, one looking glass in sitting room, unto Mrs. Roger Hovey red check shawl, unto Abbie Jones daughter of Roger Hovey, home made table spread, unto Julia Comstock, daughter of C. S. Jackman the family bible and two silver table spoons marked R. G. N., unto Martha F. Udall two unmarked silver table spoons, unto Lydia Wood aforesaid, 6 tea spoons marked L. H., unto Mrs. Alanson F. Burt of Sand Springs, Iowa, 6 unmarked silver tea-spoons, unto Harriet Cummings of Sand Springs, Iowa, I give five dollars in money in lieu of spoons, unto Grace Gordon grand-child of Rosaline Matson, one patchwork quilt, unto Geo. A. Ladd ten dollars in money.

Tenth, - I give, and bequeath unto Martha Porter, wife of Adna P. Porter the Homestead with all the real estate, where I now live, provided that the said Martha shall pay over to my Executor hereinafter named the sum of Five hundred dollars, to be considered and treated as in my estate by my said Executor. I consider that in the above bequest I have given to the said Martha the amount of about Give hundred dollars. If the said Martha does not accept of said bequest then my said Executor is to treat all the real estate of which I die seized and possessed as in the Estate and to be disposed of by him as he thinks best.

Eleventh, - I give, devise, and bequeath unto the Methodist Episcopal Church in Thetford Centre all the rest and residue of my Estate both real and personal to be held by trustees hereinafter named, the use or income of which shall be annually paid over to said Church or its officers for the support of preaching as long as there shall be preaching at Thetford Centre Church. – If there should cease to be preaching at the M. E. Church for years and no prospect of there ever being any services of the kind there, then I will that my trustees in their discretion shall pay said use or income elsewhere for preaching. – I hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint as trustees of the above named residue, William H. Messer and H. F. Willoughby, and I hereby ask the Probate Court to approve the same as such trustees and to appoint successors at their decease.

Twelfth: - I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint William H. Messer, Executor of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal, and publish and declare this to be my last will and testament this 25th day of February A. D. 1890.