Gibson's Station

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This article is one of a series on the forts of southwest Virginia during the period of Indian Hostilities, (1774-1794). The accompanying map shows the location of the forts in the Powell, Clinch, and Lower Holston watersheds. An index to these forts is found at List of Forts of Southwest Virginia. The location of many of these forts is known only approximately, and different sources sometimes suggest different locations. Much of the information in these articles is based on Emory Hamilton's article "Frontier Forts".


The following discussion is based on Hamilton, 1968



Gibson’s Station, sometimes known as Gibson's Fort, was located in Lee Co., VA about four miles from Cumberland Gap, near the modern community of "Gibson's Station". The station was located on the land of Ambrose Fletcher who settled here in 1775. Fletcher eventually (1785) assigned his certificate to this land to George Gibson who established a fortification usually known as "Gibson's Station". Hamilton gives the exact location of the fort as being "beyond the Southern Railroad underpass about 300 yards beyond on the right." The approximate location of the fort is shown as marker 2 on the accompanying map.


Hamilton, 1968 tells us that Gibson's home was "a two story log house nearby a spring. The spring was inside the fort, and the chimney of the old Gibson home is still standing, but another house has been built to it." A small community exists today in this area known as "Gibson's Station".



Hamilton, 1968