Family:William Stanley and Mary Unknown (2)

Facts and Events
Other[1][2]  Speculative Wife?: Mary Emery (30) 
7 Jul 1862
  1. Some websites (e.g., [ this one, which appears to be based on Source:Boyle, Frederick R. Early Families of Shapleigh and Acton, Maine), say William Stanley's wife is Mary Emery, daughter of Simon Emery, the first settler of Shapleigh. This seems plausible, since we at least know such a person existed, d/o Simon Emery and Elizabeth Bean, but it is not known if there is evidence supporting this proposed marriage.
  2. Source:Ridlon, Gideon T. Saco Valley Settlements and Families (1894), Vol. 2, p. 1155, says "the name of his wife has not been found." The identification of his wife as Mary Brown seems to only come from unsourced websites, no credible sources being found. Source:Stackpole, Everett Schermerhorn. Old Kittery and Her Families says his brother Mark Stanley married a Mary Brown, which marriage is found in Kittery records, suggesting this identification is the result of confusion.