Family:William Preston and Susannah Smith (1)

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Marriage[1] 17 Jan 1761 Hanover, Virginia, United Statesby Rev. Patrick Henry
4 Feb 1837
3 Jul 1841
12 FEB 1769
19 AUG 1781
23 FEB 1784
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  1. Dorman, John Frederick. The Prestons of Smithfield and Greenfield in Virginia: descendants of John and Elizabeth (Patton) Preston through five generatons. (Louisville, Kentucky: Filson Club, c1982).

    4. William PRESTON (John1) was born on December 25, 1729 in Newton-Limavady, Donegal, Ireland. He married Susanna Smith on January 17, 1761, service by the Rev. Patrick Henry. He died on June 28, 1783 in Smithfield, Botetourt Co., VA, at age 53.
    William became a justice of the Augusta County Court on March 21, 1755. He began military service in August 1755 and was commissioned a Captain of a company of rangers in Augusta Co., VA. During the late winter of 1755-1756 he marched against the Shawnee Indians. In Oct 1756 William accompanied George Washington during his survey of the frontier. William lived in February 1759 in Botetourt Co., VA where he purchased 191 acres on Buffalo Creek from Stephen Rentfro which was the basis for his plantation, "Greenfield." By the time of William's death, Greenfield was 2175 acres. He became sheriff, coroner and escheator on November 21, 1759 in Augusta Co., VA. He was commissioned sheriff on December 1, 1772 in Fincastle Co., VA. William purchased tracts of 315 & 220 acres at Draper's Meadow from Edmund Winston on May 24, 1773. These became the "Smithfield" plantation. He began military service on October 7, 1775 in Fincastle Co., VA when he was commissioned Lieutenant and Commander in Chief of the county militia and was actively engaged in planning the military affairs on the Virginia frontier throughout the Revolutionary War including the campaign in 1780 which led to the defeat of the Tories at King's Mountain.
    Susanna SMITH, daughter of Francis and Elizabeth (Waddy) Smith of Hanover Co., VA, was born on January 23, 1740 in Hanover Co., VA. She died on June 19, 1823 in Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., VA, at age 83 and is buried at Smithfield.
    Children of William Preston and Susanna Smith were as follows:
    25. i. Elizabeth PRESTON, born May 31, 1762 in Augusta Co., VA; married William Strother Madison.
    + 26. ii. John PRESTON, born May 24, 1764 in Greenfield Plantation, Botetourt Co., VA; married Mary Radford; married Eliza Ann Carrington.
    + 27. iii. Francis PRESTON, born August 2, 1765 in Greenfield, Botetourt Co., VA; married Sarah Buchanan Campbell.
    + 28. iv. Sarah PRESTON, born May 3, 1767 in "Greenfield", Botetourt Co., VA; married Col. James McDowell.
    + 29. v. William PRESTON, born September 5, 1770 in "Greenfield", Botetourt Co., VA; married Caroline Hancock.
    + 30. vi. Susanna PRESTON, born October 7, 1772 in "Greenfield", Botetourt Co., VA; married Nathaniel Hart Jr.
    + 31. vii. James Patton PRESTON, born June 21, 1774 in "Smithfield", Montgomery Co., VA; married Ann Barraud Taylor.
    + 32. viii. Mary PRESTON, born September 29, 1776 in "Smithfield", Montgomery Co., VA; married Maj. John Lewis.
    + 33. ix. Letitia PRESTON, born September 29, 1779 in "Smithfield", Montgomery Co., VA; married John Floyd.
    + 34. x. Thomas Lewis PRESTON, born August 19, 1781 in "Smithfield", Montgomery Co., VA; married Edmonia Madison Randolph.
    + 35. xi. Margaret Brown PRESTON, born February 23, 1784 in "Smithfield", Montgomery Co., VA; married John Preston.