Family:William McCune and Ann Barry (1)

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Marriage[2] 20 Jan 1813 Virginia, United States[1st wife - 1st husband]
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  1.   Family Recorded, in McCue, John Nolley. The McCues of Old Dominion: supplemented with brief charts of the Steele, Arbuckle and Cunningham families. (Mexico, Mo.: Missouri Ptg. & Pub. Co., 1912), p 22, Secondary quality.

    [Note: marriage date is not given.]

  2. Bidlack, Russel E. The Story of Ann Allen, Ann Arbor's First Lady, in Washtenaw County Historical Society, Secondary quality.

    ... At the same time young Dr. William McCue returned to Virginia having completed his education. He also decided he would begin practice in Mossy Creek. He and Ann were married on January 20, 1813. ...

    ... In 1816, John McCue, her first son, was born. In 1818 her son, Thomas, was born. Six months later, November 7, 1818, Dr. McCue contracted typhoid fever and died before he was able to write his will. ...