Family:Thomas Prence and Apphia Quicke (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] bef 1662
  1. This marriage is not recorded, nor is there direct evidence of it, nor of the death of his second wife. It is predicated on Thomas Prence referring to Samuel Freeman (Jr.) as a son-in-law in 1662 (and again in 1671), hence the marriage to his mother Apphia (Quick) Freeman would have occurred before that. (Note: as Apphia's first husband, Samuel Freeman Sr., died in 1639, the marriage may have occurred even earlier, or she could have had an unknown, intermediate husband. It is even remotely possible that Apphia was mother of some of the children.)

    Some websites suggest Thomas Prence married in 1662 Mercy Southworth, the wife of Samuel Jr., but this is a misinterpretation of the above evidence. It is not likely that it was Mercy's son, Samuel (III), just born in 1662, that Prence was calling son-in-law, and since Mercy's first husband (i.e., Samuel Jr. whom she married in 1658) lived until 1712 she would not not have been available for remarrying.