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Violet Washington and Stephen Washington: Family History

Violet and Stephen Washington are of interest to our research project because Violet may have ties to Drayton family plantations in Charleston, South Carolina. To learn more about Violet's possible connection to Drayton family plantations, please click on her name in the Family Group chart below.

Violet and Stephen were married before August 14, 1869, when Violet opened a Freedmen's Bank account and listed Stephen as her husband. At that time, they were living on Green Street in Charleston, near Dr. Bellinger. Violet was a vendor in the city market, and would pursue this occupation for the rest of her working life.

In 1870 Violet and Stephen were living in Charleston Ward 4. By 1880 they were living at 33 Wharf Street and had adopted a daughter named Rose, who descendant family members have identified as Rosina, later Rosine Fields.

Stephen and Violet would remain at 33 Wharf Street for a number of decades. Stephen died before 1910, and by that time Violet is listed as widowed on the Census. In her household at 33 Wharf Street are her nephew Willis Johnson and his family.

If you have information and/or records to share to help us learn more about Violet, Stephen and their family, please do contact us. We will appreciate your contribution so much!

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