Family:Samuel Cassman and Elizabeth Morningstar (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] ABT 1808
07 MAR 1861
22 MAR 1815 Delaware, Indiana
20 MAR 1851
  • Samuel first married a French woman whose name was Elizabeth. The marriage is thought to have taken place in Canada. Six sons were born of this union: Lathrup, Philander, Ethen, Hampton, Isaac, and Oregon. Lathrup was born in 1808, some four years before Cassman came into the United States.S2
  • The marriage date is chosen so that Elizabeth is 18, prior to the birth of eldest child, Lathrop.
  • Delaware County historians, Thomas B. Helm, John S. Ellis, and G. W. H. Kemper state that Cassman's first wife was a Negro woman. They give no source for their information. No mention of a Negress has been found either in documents or corre¬spondence. The children are considered Indians (heirs to the reserva¬tion under terms of the treaty), though later in the 1840 census, as "free white persons." French Creoles were often of mixed heritage, however, and black persons were known to have lived among' friendly Indian tribes and in the Moravian communities.S2
  • In Our County: Its History and Early Settlement by Townships (Muncie, n.d.), 162, John S. Ellis says that Elizabeth, "died here at their home." Helm, in his History of Delaware County, 206, adds that she "bore him several children [sic], and while he still resided upon the land he owned, she died." S2
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