Family:Richard Webb and Nancy Newgent (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 24 MAR 1815 Shelby, Kentucky
Census[2] 1840 Clinton Township, Putnam, Indiana
Census[3] 1850 Putnam, Indiana
27 FEB 1816 Shelby, Kentucky
01 SEP 1820 Shelby, Kentucky
03 APR 1825 Trimble, Kentucky
ABT 1827
18 DEC 1829 Shelby, Kentucky
1833 Indiana
1836 Indiana
1839 Indiana

Richard was born in Mercer County, Kentucky. It is likely that Richard’s family moved to Trimble County, Kentucky sometime during his childhood. His mother died there. His son John was born there. Nancy was born in Shelby County, Kentucky. Shelby, Mercer, and Trimble counties are near one another. They are all in the general region of the state capital Frankfort. Richard and Nancy married in Shelby County where she lived, but likely set up there household in Trimble County where Richard likely lived.

Richard and Nancy moved to Putnam County, Indiana around 1831. They had five children at the time, three boys and two daughters. According to the 1850 census, son Charles was born in Kentucky in late 1829 and daughter Elizabeth was born in Indiana in 1833. Therefore they must have moved sometime in-between, probably in 1831.

Richard and Nancy would spend the rest of their lives in Putnam County. Their children stayed around them and they would have known many of their grandchildren. Nancy died first, in 1856, at the age of 61. John followed her four years in 1860 at the age of 66. John died just as the nation began breaking up and entering into the Civil War.

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