Family:Phillip Aylett and Elizabeth Henry (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 12 Oct 1786 Richmond (county), Virginia, United Statesat St. John's Church
  1. Family of Elizabeth Henry and Phillip Aylett, in Red Hill Patrick Henry National Memorial website.

    [Last accessed 16 Oct 2012]
    5. Elizabeth (Betsey) born Hanover Co., VA 23 Apr 1769, died 14 Sept 1842 at age 73 at "Fontainbleau," King William Co., VA, home of her daughter Sarah Shelton; married 12 Oct 1786 at St. John’s Church, Richmond, VA to Philip Aylett, born 12 May 1767 at “Fairfield,” King William Co., VA, died 11 Sept 1831; both buried at “Fairfield”. Betsey outlived her husband and eleven of their thirteen children.

    a. William, b. 1788, died 1797, age 9, King William Co., VA.
    b. Patrick Henry, b. 1789, died 1799, age 10, King William Co., VA.
    c. Gen. Philip, Jr., b. 1791, married Judith Page Waller, children, died 1848, age 56, Richmond, VA..
    d. Mary Macon, b.1793, married Philip Fitzhugh, children, died 1836, age 42, Caroline Co., VA.
    e. John, b. 1795, died 1796, age 10 months, King William Co., VA.
    f. Elizabeth Henry, b. 1798, died 1818, age 10 years, King William Co., VA.
    g. Anne Henry, b. 1799, died 1800, age 3 months, King William Co., VA.
    h. Martha Dandridge, b. 1801, married Silas Duncan, no children, died 1833, age 32, King William Co., VA.
    i. Anne Henry, b. 1803, married Thomas Moore, 2 children, died 1828, age 24, King William Co., VA.
    j. Louisa Fontaine, b. 1805, died 1822, age 17, King William Co., VA.
    k. William Aylett, b. 1806, died 1829, age 23, King William Co., VA.
    l. Patrick Henry, b. 1808, died 1829, age 21, Univ. of VA, Charlottesville, VA.
    m. Sarah Shelton, b. 1811, married William Spotswood Fontaine, children, died 1876, age 64, North Carolina, buried in City Cemetery, Reidsville, North Carolina.