Family:Nicholas Knapp and Elinor Unknown (32)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 09 Jun 1630 England
13 OCT 1630
5 Jan 1634/1635 Watertown, Middlesex, MA

Descendants of Nicholas Knapp and Elinor; Ch, all born Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA except for Lydia, were:

1. Jonathan KNAPP - b 8 Nov 1631; d 27 Dec 1631 Watertown, MA

2. Timothy KNAPP - b 14 Dec 1632; d bef 1685 Rye, NY/CT?; m Wethersfield, CT to Bethia BRUNDAGE

3. Joshua KNAPP - b 1 Nov 1634; d 27 Oct 1684 Stamford, Fairfield Co, CT; m 9 Jun 1657 at Stamford to Hannah CLOSE - b abt 1632 Grinton Parish, Yorkshire, ENG; d 1696 Stamford, CT; Ch were: (a) Caleb KNAPP b Jun 1677

4. John Caleb KNAPP - b 20 Nov 1636 (see below)

5. Sarah KNAPP - b 5 Jan 1638/39; d 1681 Rye, (NY?CT); m 6 Apr 1667 at Stamford to Peter DISBROW

6. Ruth KNAPP - b 6 Jan 1640/41; d abt 1702 Greenwich, CT; m 20 Sep 1657 at Stamford to Joseph FERRIS - b 20 Jun 1635 Watertown, MA; d abt 1699 Greenwich, CT; Ch were: (a) John FERRIS; (b) Peter FERRIS b 6 Sep 1660; (c)James FERRIS b abt 1662; (d) Ruth FERRIS b abt 1663; (e) Moses FERRIS b abt 1664; (f) Joshua FERRIS b 31 Mar 1666; (g) Benjamin FERRIS b abt 1668; (h) Hannah FERRIS b abt 1673; (i) Lydia FERRIS b abt 1675; (j) Caleb FERRIS b abt 1679; (k) Joseph FERRIS b 31 Mar 1683

7. Hannah KNAPP - b 6 Mar 1642/43; d 4 Jun 1696 Stamford, CT; m abt 1673 at Stamford to Zerubebel HOYT

8. Moses KNAPP - b 6 Aug 1645; d abt 1725 Stamford, CT; m 1 Oct 1668 at Stamford to Abigail WESTCOTT

9. Lydia KNAPP - b 8 Jun 1647 Stamford, CT; d 9 Dec 1716 Stratford, CT; m 16 Jan 1665/66 at Stamford to Dr. Isaac HALL - b abt 1629 ENG; d 17 May 1714 Stratford, CT



Nicholas Knapp (immigrant 1630 Winthrop Fleet) - SHIP: Arbella, Peter Milbourne, Capt. and Master.

He resided at England; Massachusetts; Connecticut - a weaver and farmer by trade - was a member of the Puritan Congregational Church.


Much has been written about Nicholas Knapp and yet to this day we are still searching for proof of his ancestors. Was he related to William Knapp that sailed with Nicholas and did he have a first wife that he married in England?

If we had proof that Nicholas and William Knapp were related, we would be able to establish ancestors as William's line is found highly probable. We find that a Nicholas Knapp has been associated with Susan Mitterson, of Wells-By-The-Sea and were married in 1617, Co Norfolk, Eng and that she died in Eng prior to 1630, which would make Nicholas not from Co Sulfolk. Again, we must await until better data is available to confirm this theory.

We do know that Nicholas and his wife, Elinor were passengers with the Winthrop Fleet and set sail 8 Apr 1630 at six in the morning bound for New Foundland. Also aboard was William Knapp and his wife with seven children.

The Knapps settled in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA, which was settled mainly by immigrants from Counties Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk, ENG. The pastor of the church at Watertown was Reverend Deorge Phillips, from Boxted, Co Essex. The church was organized on 30 Jul 1630, with some forty men, headed by Sir Richard Saltonstall, signing the membership list. The church remained the only church for sixty-six years. Only church members could become Freeman and vote.

On 1 Mar 1630/31, Nicholas was fined five pounds for selling "water" which he claimed would cure scurvey knowing that it had no worth. William Pelham and Edmond Lockwood promised they would pay the fine.

Children were by Nicholas and Elinor. On 9 Mar 1659 Nicholas married Unica (Unity) Brown, widow of Peter Brown, who married Unity 22 Jul 1658 and he died soon after. Unity's first marriage was to Clement Buston who died 2 Aug 1657 in Stamford, CT of which three children, Sarah, Unity and Clement Buxton were born.

Nicholas wrote his will in Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT on 15 Apr 1670 and where he died the next day on 16 Apr 1670.

Notes from Gordon Hamilton (PA): Re: Elinor Lockwood - Some have indicated that Elinor's maiden name was Disbrow (Disbrough). Evidence that it was Lockwood comes from the manuscript compiled by Alfred Averill Knapp on Nicholas Knapp Genealogy (1953). On page 3 of that book is the following quote from the Hartford Times, Oct 23, 1943, genealogical paaage, Query A-2695: "The late Judge H. Stanley Finch, long Surrogate Judge at Stamford and a keen student of Lockwood, Finch and allied families, gave his opinion that Elinor, wife of Nicholas Knapp, was daughter of Edmund Lockwood of Combs, Suffolk, England and sister of Edmund Lockwood (1594-1635) of Cambridge, Mass. and of Robert Lockwood (1600-1658) of Watertown, Mass. and Fairfield, Conn. This seems probable though documentary proof is lacking.") DESCENDANTS OF NICHOLAS KNAPP

Generation No. 1

1. Nicholas Knapp1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 was born Abt. 1606 in (of) St Mary Parish-Bures, Co Suffolk, EN13, and died 16 April 1670 in Stamford, CT14,15. He married (1) Elinor16 Bef. 1631 in [prob] England\Massachusetts?17. 1. Elinor11 was born Abt. 1608 in (of) St Mary Parish-Bures, Co Suffolk, EN, and died 16 August 1658 in Stamford, CT2,3,4,5. He married (2) Unica or Unity18 09 March 1659/60 in Stamford, CT19,20,21,22. 2. Unica or1 Unity1 was born in [prob] England, and died Bef. 15 April 1670 in Stamford, CT. She married (1) Clement BuxtonI2,3,4 Bef. 1635 in [prob] England. She married (2) Peter Brown5,6 22 July 1658 in Stamford, CT7,8.

Notes for Nicholas Knapp:

ORIGIN: Unknown - [prob] England

Immigrant: 1630 - Departed England: 22 Mar 1630

Arrived Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA: 14 Jun 1630

SHIP: [prob] "Arbella" - Captain Peter Milbourne, Master

First Residence (in America): Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA

Removed to: [poss] Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT-ca1646; [poss] Greenwich, CT-ca1648; Stamford, CT-ca1648

EDUCATION: Signed Will by Mark; Inventory included books valued at 6s. 6d.

WILL: 15 Apr 1670, Stamford, CT; Probated-Unknown [16 Sep 1670?]

INVENTORY: 27 Apr 1670 - Estate Valued at 166 lbs; 13 shillings; 11 1/2 d.

Birth approximate-based on estimated date of marriage.

More About Nicholas Knapp:

BURIED : Abt. 18 April 1670, Stamford, CT

RESIDED AT: (of) St Mary-Bures, Co Suffolk, EN; Watertown, MA; [poss] Wethersfield, CT; :[poss] Greenwich, CT; Stamford, CT

OCCUPATION(S): Weaver/Lay Physician/Miller/Farmer

RELIGION: Puritan [Congregational]

CHURCH AFF: Watertown Church, Watertown, MA; Stamford Church, Stamford, CT

MILITARY SVC: Unknown [probably local Militia]

More About Elinor:

BURIED : August 1658, Stamford, CT

RESIDED AT: (of) St Mary-Bures, EN; Watertown, MA; [poss] Wethersfield, CT; [poss] Greenwich

[poss] Rye, CT [now NY]; Stamford, CT

RELIGION: Puritan [Congregationalist]

CHURCH AFF: Watertown Church, Watertown, MA; Congregational Church of Stamford,

Notes for Clement BuxtonI:

There are few records extant that relate to the life of Clement Buxton I. It is quite probable that his origins are English but nothing has been found to prove this statement.

More About Peter Brown:

BURIED : Stamford, CT

RESIDED AT: England; New Haven, CT; Stamford, CT



Fairfield Probate Records Vol 1665-1675, page 55 & 56 Fairfield, Fairfield Co, Connecticut

In Stamford ye 15th 2mo Anno 1670 [15 Apr 1670]:

The Last Will and Testament of Nicholas Knap of Stamford concerning the disposal of his worldly estate:

1. I give to my sonn Moses Knap my house and land in Stamford with all the meadow and upland belonging to me. Also I give to my said sonn Moses my cart and plowe or plowes--with all the furniture of Irons, yokes, and chaynes belonging and a small gun in the house and a sword.

2. I give unto my sonn Timothy Knap the monies remayning due to me upon the bil for the house of John Bats [John Bates] lives in.

3.I give to my sonn Calep [Caleb] the loom and halfe the geers and the other halfe of the geers I give to my sonn Joshua Knap.

4. I give to my daughter Sarah Disbrowe the monies due to me from her husband about 37s - concerning the horss.

5. I give to my daughter Hannah one mare.

6. I give to my daughter Lidea [Lydia] the mare that was Mr Bishop's with the increase she hath.

7. I give to my daughter Ruth twenty shillings.

8. I give to my two daughters-in-law [step daughters], viz: Sarah and Uneca Buxton, all their mother's clothes as a free gift, except one hat and one new pettecote, which my will is they should have onward of their portion. Also I will and bequeath unto Uneca Buxton the new Bible as a free gift.

9. My will is that portions due my daughters-in-law [step daughters], viz: Sarah and Uneca Buston, out of the estate of their father Clement Buxton: I say that their part and portions be currently payd according to their portion of the inventorie.

10. Lastly my will is that my sonn Joshua Knap be sole executor of this my last will to receive all and pay all dues according to this my will as also debts to or for me.

If in the case that mare be not found that I have given to Lidea [Lydia] that then shee to have another mare in lue of that.

This being my last will and renouncing all other former wills made by me witness my hand.


(signed) John Weed Nicholas y Knap Eleazur Slawson (his mark)

STATE OF CONN ) SS Probate Court

Dist of Fairfield )

SOURCE(S): a. Abstract of Probate Records of Fairfield, Connecticut 1648-1750:19

b. Nicholas Knapp Genealogy (1953), by (Dr) A.A. Knapp, :2-3

Children of Nicholas Knapp and Elinor are:

2 i. Jonathan Knapp23, born Abt. 08 November 1631 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA24; died Abt. 27 December 1631 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA25.

Notes for Jonathan Knapp:


Birth and Death date are estimated as his actual birth and death date are not found in the records. Watertown Books of Town Proceedings - Births, Marriages, Death, states only "Jonathan knap the sonn of Nickholas and Elinor knap buried the 27 of the tenth aged 7 weekes" [27 - 10 - 1631 converted to Old Style Date of 27 Dec 1631]. He is probably buried in Arlington Street Burying Ground, Watertown, MA.

+ 3 ii. Timothy Knapp, Sr, born 14 December 1632 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA; died Bef. 1685 in Rye, Westchester Co, CT [now NY].

+ 4 iii. Joshua Knapp, Sr, born 05 January 1634/35 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA; died Bef. 27 October 1684 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 5 iv. Caleb Knapp, Sr, born 20 January 1635/36 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA; died Bef. 04 March 1674/75 in Stamford, CT.

+ 6 v. Sarah Knapp, born 05 January 1638/39 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA; died 1681 in Rye, Westchester Co, CT [now NY].

+ 7 vi. Ruth Knapp, born 06 January 1640/41 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA; died Aft. 1702 in Greenwich, CT.

8 vii. Hannah Knapp26,27,28,29,30, born 06 March 1642/43 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA31.

Notes for Hannah Knapp:

Hannah, in many circles, is claimed to have married Zerubabel Hoyt, son of Walter & Rhoda (Tinker)(Hobbs)(Taylor) Hoyt. The only record of such marriage is found in the Nicholas Knapp Genealogy (1953), :1. Beyond that there is no foundation for the claim. The Hoyt Genealogy reflects Zerubabel with an "Unknown" first wife, whose identification remains unknown. Edwin Hall in his extracts of the Norwalk Records (1847), reflects nothing relative to the first marriage of Zerubabel Hoyt and the Stamford Records that are extant do not present any future for her. Thus claims to a marriage and/or death as found in many early day publications must be considered in error.

Based on the findings found in 1995 research [The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, :1137], no further record is known to exist as pertains to Hannah Knapp's future. She is last identified in the 15 Apr 1670 Will of her father, Nicholas and then a single woman. To indicate anything otherwise as pertains to her or her future would be nothing more than pure speculation.

+ 9 viii. Moses Knapp, born Abt. 1645 in [prob] Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA; died Bef. 1726 in Stamford, CT.

+ 10 ix. Lydia Knapp, born 08 June 1647 in Stamford, CT; died 09 December 1716 in Stratfield-Fairfield, CT.


  • i. JONATHAN4 KNAPP, b. 1631; d. 1631, Died in infancy..
  • ii. TIMOTHY KNAPP, SR., b. 14 Dec 1632, Watertown, Massachusetts; d. Bef. 1685, Rye, New York; m. BETHIA BRUNDAGE, Abt. 1658; b. 1637, Wethersfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut; d. Aft. 1688, Rye, New York.

Notes for TIMOTHY KNAPP, SR.: Arrested in 1657 for stealing a pig. Lived in Eastchester. Listed as proprietor at Rye after 1664. Farmer and blacksmith.

3. Timothy Knapp, Sr (Nicholas)32,33,34 was born 14 December 1632 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA35, and died Bef. 1685 in Rye, Westchester Co, CT [now NY]. He married Bethia Brundage36,37,38 Abt. 1658 in [prob] Fairfield, CT39, daughter of John Brundage and Rachel Hubbard.

Notes for Timothy Knapp, Sr:

Whether or not Timothy and Bethia (Brundage) Knapp had other children has not been discovered. Records reveal one son, Timothy, Jr, and then only by Land Record.

The probability of his marriage to Bethia Brundage at Fairfield, CT is more realistic, in that the Brundage Family removed to Fairfield, shortly after the death of John Brundage, Sr or by Aug 1642, as evidenced by the marriage of Bethia's mother, Rachel, to Anthony Wilson, ca 5 Aug 1642, at Fairfield, CT. In any event they were of record in Fairfield, by 1648, approximately ten years before Timothy and Bethia's estimated marriage date of ca1658. [see NE Marriages before 1700, by Clarence A Torrey, :443]

More About Timothy Knapp, Sr:

BURIED : Rye, Westchester Co, CT [now NY]

RESIDED AT: Watertown, MA; [poss] Wethersfield, CT; Stamford, CT; Rye, CT [now NY]

OCCUPATION(S): Farmer/Blacksmith/Constable

RELIGION: Congregationa/Presbyterian

CHURCH AFF: 1st Congregational Church, Stamford, CT

Notes for Bethia Brundage:

There is some conflict as to whether Bethia married Timothy Knapp, Sr or Joseph Taylor, or both. Torrey, in "New England Marriages before 1700", :443, reflects a marriage to Timothy Knapp, ca1658; on page 730, he reflects a marriage of Joseph Taylor & Bethia Brundage [note says see Timothy Knabb - typo should read Knapp], m. aft 1654, Rye?, Westchester Co, NY. Jacobus does not indicate a marriage to Timothy Knapp, but says Bethia married [possibly] Joseph Taylor, of Westchester Co, NY. In that we do not have a specific date of death for Timothy Knapp, and the possible marriage after 1654 of Bethia Brundage to Joseph Taylor, it is reasonably appropriate to assume that she married both and as such it is reflected in this writing.

Child of Timothy Knapp and Bethia Brundage is:

+ 11 i. Timothy Knapp, Jr, born Bef. 1680 in Greenwich, CT; died Aft. 1768 in Rye, Westchester Co, NY.

  • iii. JOSHUA KNAPP, b. 1635, Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; d. Bef. 27 Oct 1684, Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut; m. HANNAH CLOSE, 09 Jun 1657, Stamford, Connecticut; b. 1632, Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut; d. 1694, Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.


4. Joshua Knapp, Sr (Nicholas)40,41 was born 05 January 1634/35 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA42, and died Bef. 27 October 1684 in Greenwich, CT43. He married Hannah Close44,45 09 June 1657 in Stamford, CT46,47,48,49,50, daughter of John Close and Elizabeth.

More About Joshua Knapp, Sr:

BURIED : [prob] Knapp Cemetery, Greenwich, CT

RESIDED AT: Watertown, MA; [poss] Wethersfield, CT; Stamford, CT; Greenwich, CT

OCCUPATION(S): Weaver/Farmer

RELIGION: Congregational

CHURCH AFF: 1st Congregational Church, Greenwich, CT

MILITARY SVC: Unknown [probably local Militia]

Children of Joshua Knapp and Hannah Close are:

+ 12 i. Hannah Knapp, born 26 March 1660 in Stamford, CT; died 29 March 1721 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 13 ii. Joshua Knapp, Jr, born Abt. 1662 in Stamford, CT; died Abt. 1750 in Greenwich, CT.

14 iii. Joseph Knapp51,52, born 1664 in Greenwich, CT53; died Bef. 12 December 1723 in Greenwich, CT54. He married Mary Lockwood55,56,57,58 Aft. 1706 in Greenwich, CT59.

15 iv. Ruth Rebecca Knapp60,61, born 1666 in Greenwich, CT62; died Aft. 06 April 1736 in Greenwich, CT. She married John Reynolds Bef. 1694 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 16 v. Timothy Knapp, born 1668 in Greenwich, CT; died 16 February 1736/37 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 17 vi. Benjamin Knapp, born 1673 in Greenwich, CT; died 1716 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 18 vii. Caleb Knapp, born June 1677 in Greenwich, CT; died Bef. 26 January 1749/50 in Greenwich, CT.

19 viii. Jonathan Knapp63, born 1679 in Greenwich, CT64; died in Greenwich, CT.

  • iv. CALEB KNAPP, b. 20 Jan 1636/37, Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut; d. 11 Dec 1674, Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut; m. HANNAH SMITH, 09 Mar 1659/60, Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut; b. 1642, Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut; d. 18 Jun 1685.

Notes for CALEB KNAPP:

II. John Caleb KNAPP (aka Caleb KNAPP) - b 20 Nov 1636 Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA; d 12 Dec 1674 Stamford, Fairfield Co, CT; m 26 Mar 1660 at Stamford to Hannah SMITH - b 1642 Stamford, CT; d aft 1687 Stamford, CT; she was daughter of Dr. Henry and Ann (JACKSON) SMITH; Hannah was also m to Thomas LAWRENCE, Jr. Ch, all born Stamford, CT, were:

1. Caleb KNAPP - b 24 Nov 1661; d aft 1717 Norwalk, Fairfield Co, CT; m 23 Nov 1694 at Stamford to Hannah CLEMENTS

2. John KNAPP - b 25 Jul 1664; d 5 Apr 1749 Stamford, CT; m 10 Jun 1692 at Stamford to Hannah FERRIS

3. Moses KNAPP - b abt 1666; d 1753 Danbury, Fairfield Co, CT; m 30 Oct 1689 at Stamford to Elizabeth CRISSEY

4. Lt. Samuel KNAPP - b abt 1668 (See Below)

5. Sarah KNAPP - b 1670; d aft 1728 Greenwich, Fairfield Co, CT; m 1691 at Greenwich to Ebenezer MEAD

6. Hannah KNAPP - b 1672 (no further data known)


Most records including Caleb's birth record DO NOT indicate a first name of John, however, he is referred to as "John" Caleb in the Will of his father.

(John) Caleb, died by 4 Mar 1675, the date of his Inventory; his Will is dated 2 Dec 1674; Probated - 1675

His occupations were farmer/weaver - his religion, Puritan (Congregational)

Will and Inventory filed at Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT - p36, Vol, 1675-1689; wife, Hannah (Smith), and all children on chart are named.

Hannah, the youngest daughter is said to have married Nathaniel Cross, in many early writings. This has been determined to be in error, for it was Hannah Knapp, daughter of Moses and Abigail (Westcott) Knapp, that he married, per Bond by Moses Knapp, in 1713, in which he names Nathaniel Cross as one of his 3 sons-in-law. No further record has been found on this Hannah Knapp, daughter of (John) Caleb.

5. Caleb Knapp, Sr (Nicholas)65,66,67,68,69,70 was born 20 January 1635/36 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA71, and died Bef. 04 March 1674/75 in Stamford, CT72. He married Hannah Smith73 Abt. 1660 in Stamford, CT74, daughter of Henry Smith and Unknown Jackson?].

Children of Caleb Knapp and Hannah Smith are:

+ 20 i. Caleb Knapp, born 24 November 1661 in Stamford, CT; died Aft. 1717 in Norwalk, CT.

+ 21 ii. John Knapp, born 25 July 1664 in Stamford, CT; died 07 April 1749 in Stamford, CT.

+ 22 iii. Moses Knapp, born Abt. 1666 in Stamford, CT; died 1753 in Danbury.

+ 23 iv. Samuel Knapp, Sr, born Abt. 1668 in Stamford, CT; died 1739 in Danbury.

+ 24 v. Sarah Knapp, born 1670 in Stamford, CT; died 1728 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 25 vi. Hannah Knapp, born Abt. 1672 in Stamford, CT; died Aft. October 1707 in Greenwich[Horseneck], CT.

  • v. SARAH KNAPP, b. 05 Jun 1638; d. 1681; m. PETER DISBROW, 1667; b. Bet. 1631 - 1637.

Notes for SARAH KNAPP:

6. Sarah Knapp (Nicholas)75 was born 05 January 1638/39 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA76, and died 1681 in Rye, Westchester Co, CT [now NY]77. She married Peter Disbrow78,79,80,81 06 April 1657 in Stamford, CT82,83.

Notes for Sarah Knapp:

Sarah Knapp, daughter of Nicholas DID NOT marry first John Disbrow. The source for her marriage to Peter Disbrow is contained in the Stamford, CT-Town Records, where the marriage is recorded twice, e.g., m. 6 Apr 1657. [see TAG [transcript] 10:44; 112]. There is no record of a marriage to John Disbrow as early writings so state. Statements in the book "History of Stamford-Darien (1868), by (Rev) Elijah B Huntington, :158 and the Nicholas Knapp Genealogy (1953), by (Dr) A.A. Knapp, :1, are ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT! The "History of Stamford-Darien" by Rev Elijah B Huntington, :58, is also in error stating that Peter Disbrow, married Sarah Chapman, about 1650, at Stamford, CT

More About Sarah Knapp:

BURIED : Rye, Westchester Co, NY

RESIDED AT: Watertown, MA; [poss] Wethersfield, CT; Stamford, CT; Rye, CT [now NY]

RELIGION: Congregational

CHURCH AFF: 2d Congregational Church, Stamford, CT

Children of Sarah Knapp and Peter Disbrow are:

26 i. Peter Disbrow, born Abt. 1668; died Bef. 1711 in [prob] Rye, Westchester Co, NY. He married Mary.

+ 27 ii. Rebecca Disbrow, born Abt. 1671 in Greenwich, CT.

28 iii. John Disbrow, died 1751 in Rye, Westchester Co, NY.

29 iv. Mary Disbrow. She married Joseph Lyon.

30 v. Leda Disbrow. She married John Boyd, Jr.

+ 31 vi. Elizabeth Disbrow, born 1676 in prob] Rye, Westchester Co, NY; died 15 September 1753 in Woodbury, Litchfield Co, CT.

  • vi. RUTH KNAPP, b. 06 Jan 1640/41, Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1702, Greenwich, Connecticut; m. (1) JOSEPH FERRIS, 20 Nov 1657, Stamford, Connecticut; m. (2) JOHN CLAPP, Aft. 1658.

Notes for RUTH KNAPP:

7. Ruth Knapp (Nicholas)84,85 was born 06 January 1640/41 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA86, and died Aft. 1702 in Greenwich, CT87. She married Joseph Ferris88,89 20 November 1657 in Stamford, CT90,91,92,93,94, son of Jeffrey Ferris and Mary?.

Children of Ruth Knapp and Joseph Ferris are:

+ 32 i. John Ferris, Sr, born Abt. 1658 in Greenwich, CT; died Aft. 1758 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 33 ii. Ruth Ferris, born 18 January 1658/59 in Greenwich, CT; died 17 September 1745 in Greenwich, CT.

34 iii. Peter Ferris95, born 06 November 1660 in Greenwich, CT; died 31 January 1689/90 in Greenwich, CT. There are claims made that Peter married a lady named Mary [maiden name unknown], on 12 Dec 1686. There is no documentation to support such claims. As far as is known as of 1995, he died at Greenwich, CT, unmarried.

35 iv. Moses Ferris96, born Abt. 1664 in Greenwich, CT; died Abt. 1748 in Greenwich, CT. He married Eunice Waterbury? or Winchell? Abt. 1687 in Greenwich, CT.

36 v. Joshua Ferris96, born 31 March 1666 in Greenwich, CT; died 02 April 1746 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 37 vi. Benjamin Ferris, born Abt. 1668 in Greenwich, CT; died 10 July 1710 in Greenwich, CT.

38 vii. Hannah Ferris96, born Abt. 1673 in Greenwich, CT; died 14 April 1711 in Greenwich, CT. She married Jonathan Austin Abt. 1691 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 39 viii. Caleb Ferris, born 1677-1679 in Greenwich, CT; died 1752 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 40 ix. Joseph Ferris, born 31 March 1683 in Greenwich, CT; died 07 April 1733 in Greenwich, CT.

41 x. James Ferris96, born Abt. 1662 in Greenwich, CT; died July 1727 in Greenwich, CT. He married Rachel7,98 Aft. 1704 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 42 xi. Lydia Ferris, born Abt. 1675 in Greenwich, CT; died Bef. 1732 in Greenwich, CT.

  • vii. HANNAH KNAPP, b. 1642; d. 1696.
  • viii. MOSES KNAPP, b. 1645; d. 1756; m. ABIGAIL WESTCOTT, 01 Oct 1668, Stamford, Connecticut.

Notes for MOSES KNAPP:

9. Moses Knapp (Nicholas)99,100 was born Abt. 1645 in [prob] Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA, and died Bef. 1726 in Stamford, CT. He married Abigail Westcott101,102 01 October 1668 in Stamford, CT103, daughter of Richard Westcott and Joanna.

Notes for Moses Knapp:

Early Genealogies claim that Moses and Abigail had three additional sons and a daughter, e.g., Israel, Jonas & Moses, and Mary. Current research indicates that Moses & Abigail had daughters only as shown in this report, based on a 14 Feb 1712/13 Deed [Stamford, CT - Deeds, Vol "B":185], in which Moses bonds his sons-in-law, Thomas Pennoyer, Nathaniel Cross and Samuel Husted "to maintain their father & mother-in-law for their lifetime". John Crissey was not considered in this Deed as his wife, Abigail, had died prior to this time and he had remarried. There are no records that would indicate a male in this family and is further proven by the fact that, had there been (a) male offspring living in 1712/13, by law, he would have established a "heir of right" to the estate of Moses & Abigail. There are no records extant that would prove otherwise. Simply put, Moses, no doubt, would have bonded (a) son in lieu of his sons-in-law, were he to have had such (a) son. Samuel Husted, the remaining son-in-law, requested relief from the 1712/13 Deed in 1725/26, thus indicating that Moses and Abigail were both deceased at that time. That Moses lived to be 110 years old as stated in earlier writings on this family can be labeled nothing more than an "atrocious genealogical blunder" including the claim that he died at Peekskill, NY!!

  • ix. LYDIA KNAPP, b. 08 Jun 1647, Stamford, Connecticut; d. 09 Dec 1716, Stratfield-Fairfield, Connecticut; m. ISAAC HALL, 1666.

Notes for LYDIA KNAPP:

10. Lydia Knapp (Nicholas)104,105 was born 08 June 1647 in Stamford, CT, and died 09 December 1716 in Stratfield-Fairfield, CT. She married Isaac Hall, Sr106,107,108 16 January 1665/66 in Fairfield, CT109, son of Francis Hall and Elizabeth Thompson(?).

  1. Torrey, Clarence Almon. New England Marriages Prior to 1700. (1963).
  2. Based on estimated birth of first child.
  3.   The following was removed from he body text as there is no known source for any of it.

    Generation No. 1

    1. NICHOLAS3 KNAPP (JOHN2, ROBERT1) was born 16 May 1592 in England, and died 16 Sep 1670 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married (1) ELINOR LOCKWOOD 09 Jun 1630 in prob. England, daughter of EDMUND LOCKWOOD and ALES COWPER. She was born 1609 in Combs, Suffolk, England, and died 16 Aug 1658 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married (2) UNICE (UNITY) ??? 07 Sep 1659. She died 1670.

    I. Nicholas KNAPP - bpt 16 May 1592 at Wells, Norfolk Co, ENG (?); d 16 Apr 1670 Stamford, Fairfield Co, CT; m Elinor LOCKWOOD; other spouses were Susan MITTERSON