Family:Moses Cooper and Mary Doty (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][3] 20 APR 1751 Morristown, Morris, New Jersey
13 JAN 1751/52 Morris, New Jersey
04 APR 1754 New Jersey

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Moses Cooper I was born in Piscataway, New Jersey on August 8, 1727 and on April 20, 1751 he married Mary Doty, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Doty. She was born April 30, 1733 also in Piscataway. She is our Mayflower Ancestor and her family will make up Chapter 6 of this section. She was a great-granddaughter to Edward Doty who came as a cabin boy on the Mayflower. I don't want to go into this very much at this time or there will be nothing to that chapter. Moses passed away in 1777 or 78 while enroute to Washington Co. Pa. and was buried in Fayette Co., Pa. and Mary passed away November 14, 1823 and was buried in Washington Co. Pa. Many of the people that I have shared my information with have gone there to see their graves, also the old home is still there to the best of my knowledge. I still have hopes of getting there some day while I can still walk. They were the parents of ten children:

1. Zebulon Cooper was born January 13, 1752 in New Jersey. He married Mary White. He passed away December 22, 1835.

2. Moses Cooper II was born April 4, 1754, married Sarah Griffin and passed away April 16, 1831. His family in Chapter 7.

3. Mary Cooper was born June 6, 1756, married first Jeremiah Jagger and second (?) Currins. She passed away October 21, 1832.

4. Elizabeth Cooper was born May 26, 1759 and married Jasper Griffin. She passed away in 1844.

5. Nathaniel Cooper was born September 21, 1761. He served in the Revolutionary war and passed away April 16, 1849

6. Eunice Cooper was born March 26, 1764, married first Peter Paul and 2nd she married James Guthrie. She passed away July 14, 1850

7. Lemuel Cooper was born March 4, 1767 and passed away January 19, 1797.

8. Penelope Cooper was born November 26, 1769 and passed away July 28, 1833.

9. Ephriam Cooper was born July 9, 1772 and on February 271794 he married Margaret Van Voorhees. He passed away February 18, 1869.

10. Stephen Cooper was born February 14, 1775 and in 1799 married Hannah (?). He passed away May 29, 1853.

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