Family:Michael Reid and Mary Dennan (1)

b. abt 1795 Ireland

Michael and Mary may also have had a son John Reid although evidence definitively linking them has not been found. The connection is based on the fact that this Michael and Mary's son Michael had a son James who visited Ireland in 1926 and John's son's family remembered the visit of "wealthy cousin James Reid from New York".

Known godparents of children

Connor, Betty (of Martha)

Connor, Mick (of Martha)

Dunne, Mary Ann (of William)

Gorman, Margaret (of Theresa)

Gordon, Margaret (of Michael)

Hanlon, James (of William)

Holden, Edward (of Ellen)

Hussey, Christy (of Michael)

Kelly, Pat (of Agnes)

Kirwan, Edward (of Joseph)

Larkin, Catherine (of Catherine)

Read, Biddy (of Joseph)

Read, Biddy (of Bridget)

Reed, John (of Ann)

Reed, Mary (of Ann)

Reed, Martha (of Patrick)

Reed, William (of Patrick)

Slavan, Catherine (of Ellen)

Steward, Jane (of Agnes)

Stewart, William (of Theresa)

Sullivan, Edward (of Catherine)

Tuite, William (of Bridget)

Other Reid marriages in Monasterevin

Other Reid marriages listed by Kildare Genealogy in Monasterevin (Roman Catholic):

m. 9 Nov 1823: Hugh Dempsey, bachelor of Kilberry, & Mary Reid, spinster of Kilberry, witnesses Thomas Reed & Mary McCabe

m. 1 Feb 1836: William Madden, bachelor of Cowpasture, & Biddy Reid, spinster of Cowpasture, witnesses Mathew Malieu & Rose Malieu

m. 26 Nov 1838: Pat Doyle, bachelor of Killberry, & Bridget Reed, spinster of Killberry, witnesses Nicholas Cosgrave & Bridget McCabe

m. 17 May 1840: Dennis Reed, bachelor of Kilberry, & Mary Byrne, spinster of Kilberry, witnesses Thomas Mulloy & Betty Conran

m. 8 Jun 1840: John Reed, bachelor of Nurney, & Eliza Green, spinster of Nurney, witnesses Thomas Kelly & Mary Mitchel

m. 18 Aug 1874: Cornelius Reid, bachelor of Kilberne, & Margaret Carroll, spinster of Kilberne, witnesses Timothy Byrne & Mary Garry

m. 13 Feb 1877: Andrew Forde, bachelor of Kildoon & Catharine Reid, spinster of Kildoon, witnesses Leighlan Connell & Kate Reid

m. 10 Feb 1884: John Reid & Mary Cleary

m. 23 Apr 1884: Family:William Reid and Elizabeth Bowe (1)