Family:John Reichard and Effie Cooper (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][3][4] 23 APR 1904 Fountain, Indiana
Census[5] 1910 Richland Township, Melott, Fountain, Indiana, United States
Census[6] 1920 Union Township, Crawfordsville, Montgomery, Indiana, United States
Census[7] 1930
18 MAY 1978

John Bert was born in Kingman, west of Crawfordsville and just southwest of Mellott where Effie Mae was born. They raised their family in Crawfordsville, a small city west of Indianapolis.

On 23 Apr 1904 when John Bert was 26, he married Effie Mae Cooper. Together they had six children, 3 boys and three girls. The first four children were born soon after they were married, fourth child Naomi being born when Effie Mae was 27. The two youngest children came much later in life. Donna was born seven years later when Effie Mae was 33 and youngest child Duane was born seven years later still when Effie Mae was 41.

Jack and Effie Mae Reichard lived on 708 Liberty Street in Crawfordsville Indiana. They added a building to the side of the home and for 11 years ran the Reichard grocery store. Granddaughter Nancy (Keith) sometimes helped out when she was little by running the cash register and wrapping the meat with string and wax paper. The phone number at the grocery and home was 2402 (just 4 numbers!).

There were lots of football games played on Liberty Street. All of Liberty Street was relatives except the black couple next store (George and Alberta Gibson). Family on the street included Effie Mae’s sister, Minnie Cooper McAllister, and brothers James Cooper, and Emery Cooper. Minnie lived with her daughter Estel (Simmons) and Everett Cooper with wife Bessie and 3 sons. Some Coopers lived in Lebanon too. Grandfather (Emmanuel) Reichard built their home the corner of Liberty and Russell. After his death grandmother (Mary Hamm Reichard) rented out the lower level and lived in the upstairs of the house. Later the children would keep their families in the neighborhood. Kenneth Reichard lived one block north and one block west on Milligan Street. Harold and Zulieme Reichard Orr lived two blocks off Russell. John and Donna Reichard Ferguson lived east of John and Effie after they married. Cousins Dawn (Kenneth), Kevin & Chummie (Don) Orr (Zulieme), & Peggy & Sandy (Naomi) all grew up in or near Crawfordsville and were very close. The Wabash College campus has taken over most of this area today.

Memories from Interview with Naomi Reichard Peebles

Jack (Reichard) pitched for the Edwards and Moore Milk Company Dairy Maids. Jack was a baker. During the depression he worked for the light plant for the city, before they built the store onto the house. Jack was six feet tall.

Ken (Reichard) and Keith Reichard got in trouble because they switched some cookies for cowpies on their grandma Cooper (Cynthia Baily) before a ladies club meeting. Ken Reichard worked himself through college. Kenneth taught Naomi to drive in a 1924? Roadster.

The picture with the four children is outside the house in Mellott. Zulieme, Keith & Ken, and Naomi is the youngest. Keith is on the left.

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