Family:James Purvis and Unknown (1)

after 1850
after 29 Jan 1838 Mississippi, United States
after 29 Jan 1838 Mississippi
after 29 Jan 1838 Mississippi
after 29 Jan 1838 Mississippi
after 29 Jan 1838 Mississippi, United States
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  1.   Hinds County, Mississippi Chancery Court Estate File 264, Old Series.

    30 Nov 1836, petition of John & William Purvis Executors of the last will & testament of Gilbert J. Purvis decd., sheweth that the estate of their testator after the payment of debts is liable to distribution among eight legatees and that the property to be divided consists of seven negroes of a great diversity of value---so that a division of the said property cannot be easily & fairly executed [...] petitioners pray that a sale of all personal property of the deceased may be ordered to take place.

    29 Jan 1838, Rankin County, MS, "We the heirs of James Purvis deceas[ed] of the state & county aforesaid all being of lawful age" have chosen John M. Sims, Daniel Taylor & Arthur Gibson as appraisers & arbitrators to settle the effects of an estate left to us by Gilbert J. Purvis of Hinds County, Mississippi in his last will, consisting of seven negro slaves named Margaret, Nancy, Billy, Sandy, Jiney, Nathan and Willis---[signed] John Purvis, William Purvis, Alexander (x) Purvis, George (x) Purvis, James (x) Patrick, James Purvis, Henry Howell, Joseph (x) Purvis.

  2.   Will of Gilbert J. Purvis, 9 April 1835/27 April 1835, Hinds County MS WB 1, 48-9.

    State of Mississippi, Hinds County: I, Gilbert Johnson Purvis of the county and state aforesaid do make this as & for my last will and testament; In the first place as all of my property is now in dispute between myself & James P. J. Purvis and William Purvis and in consequence thereof I can make no specific bequests or legacies, it is my direction, will and desire that my Executors hereinafter named shall forthwith and without delay proceed to ascertain & procure the portion of my father's estate the late Gilbert Purvis to which I am of right entitled. I claim all of the estate of which my mother was possessed at the time of her death---upon which property the said James P. J. Purvis has administered---For the negroes I have brought an action of replevin in the circuit court of Hinds County, I wish my Executors hereinafter mentioned to prosecute or abandon that suit as they may be advised by the counsel whom I have employed in this suit Messrs. Marsh & Mayson---should the said suit be abandoned or should my Executors hereinafter named be cast therein, then and in that case I hereby direct my Executors to file a bill in chancery or commence such other suit as may be necessary & proper to procure from the aforesaid James P. J. Purvis administrator as aforesaid the full distributive share of the estate of my deceased parents to which I am entitled insisting upon the advance made by my deceased father the said Gilbert Purvis to James Purvis the father of the said James P. J. Purvis in the lifetime of them both, and after my Executors shall have become possessed of the property to which I am entitled, it is my will and desire that they divide the same after the payment of all my just debts equally share and share alike between all the children of James Purvis Senr. of Rankin except to Wright Barnes and Nancy his wife & James Brock & Betsey his wife formerly Nancy & Betsey Purvis to them I give and bequeath nothing---provided however & it is my express will and direction that before any final distribution of my estate is made that my Executors secure & secure effectually for my sister Sally Purvis, out of said estate the annual sum of one hundred & fifty dollars to be paid to her the said Sally for and during the term of her natural life & to be paid at the end of each and every year; I do hereby nominate my friends and relatives John Purvis & William Purvis of Hinds County my Executors to this my last will and testament revoking and annulling all others, witness my hand and seal this 9th April 1835,
    test William H. Young Gilbert J. (x) Purvis
    Chas. C. Mayson

    Probated 27 April 1835