Family:Herman Feaster and Mildred Cassman (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][3][4] 02 JUN 1928 Lebanon, Boone, Indiana
Census[5] 1930 Concord Township, Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana

Sometime after the wedding Herman and Mildred moved to Elkhart Indiana where their first two children Shirley and Jack were born. Herman was a hotel clerk in the Elkhart hotel during the depression. When he lost his job the family moved back to Lafayette and lived with his wife’s parents Harry and Ada Cassman in the house at 1722 N 13th. Mildred’s brother Leo Cassman lived next door and was a Pharmacist. Herman and Mildred continued living in their parent’s house even after the Cassmans died. Ada deeded the house to Herman and Mildred and died of a sudden stroke within weeks. Their other two children Don and Barbara were born in Lafayette.

Herman Feaster ran a Standard Oil station while he was working Alcoa. Son Jack worked there for Frank Elsberry. When Frank died of cancer, Herman bought the station. Jack continued working there and grandfather Abraham Feaster would come over and visit because he lived a block away. They were working there on V.J. day. Gas rationing was in effect. People drove in claiming gas rationing was over. They were tired of 4 gallons a week. They wanted their cars filled up. If they handed over all of their ration stamps they got a fill-up. They pumped so much gasoline that day that they had to shut down for half an hour to let the pumps cool off.

Herman’s brother Raymond owned and operated the grocery store “Feasters Finer Foods” in Lafayette. Son Jack could always count on him for a job during Christmas vacation. Raymond was a diabetic. Mildred’s father Harry S Cassman Sr and her brother Harry S Cassman Jr, were both machinists for the Monon Railroad in Lafayette. They worked in the roundhouse. Mildred’s brothers Herschel and Leo Cassman were pharmacists at Goodnights drugstore in Lafayette.

Life proceeded normally until 1956. Herman’s father Abraham died in April of that year. Mildred became afflicted with Leukemia. Youngest daughter Barbara announced plans to marry that summer. Mildred was able to retain enough strength to see Barbara married and then passed away in September.

Herman eventually remarried to Leoma Powell. He lived on in Lafayette another 26 years and died in 1982. Leoma stayed in their house which was eventually bought by Herman’s son Don who was still living there in 2005.

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