Family:Friday Johnson and Catherine Bowens (1)

b. About 1830
25 Nov 1878
3 Mar 1943
5 Nov 1885
22 AUG 1926

Friday Johnson and Catherine Bowens: Family History

Bowens/Johnson family oral history states that the wife of Friday Johnson was Catherine Bowens, the sister of Caesar Bowens, and that their son was Willis Johnson, Sr. (b. 1878, d. 1943). Caesar Bowens was formerly enslaved on Drayton Hall Plantation on the Ashley River, St. Andrews Parish, Charleston, South Carolina.

We do see a Friday Johnson in the 1880 census who is the father of Willis Johnson, Sr., however; by 1880, Friday is married to Eliza.

Are Friday Johnson who was married to Eliza in the 1880 census, and Friday who married Catherine Bowens the same individual? The answer awaits discovery.

We have therefore created two lineages for the parental lines of Willis Johnson, Sr. The first, given here, is based upon family oral history.

The second Family:Friday Johnson and Eliza Unknown (3) is based upon records we have discovered so far. Is there a document that will join the two lineages?

We would like to learn more about Willis, Sr.'s ancestors. If you have information and/or documents to share, please do let us hear from you! We will gratefully acknowledge your contribution!

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  1.   Descendant Family Oral History.