Family:Erik Romsaas and Eli Seielstad (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 15 APR 1869 Ringebu, Oppland, Norway
12 JAN 1952
03 MAY 1941
02 JUL 1941
24 DEC 1878
10 NOV 1918 Narvik, Norway

Erik's father Hans Larsen Romsas bought Ovre (upper) Myhre farm in 1840. He drowned in the Laugen River while trying to cross it on ice at the age of 36. He left his widow Marit with 5 children including Erik Hansen Myhre. Marit remarried and had six more children.

Erik operated a store at Tromsnes near Fåvang where son Hans was born. In 1891 Erik and Eli Gulbransdatter moved to her family's farm, Segelstad farm and purchased the Segelstad Nedre (Nigard) farm from Johannes Gulbrandsons. Nedre or Nigard means lower.

He changed his name from Myhre to Segelstad (also seen as Seielstad on various documents). All of his children except Hans took the Segelstad name. Hans had already emigrated to the US and used the Myhre name.

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