Family:Ebenezer Wiswall and Ann Capen (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 30 Nov 1721 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Boston (Massachusetts). Record Commissioners. A Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston: Containing Dorchester Births, Marriages, and Deaths to the End of 1825. (Boston, Massachusetts: Rockwell and Churchill, city printers, 1890)

    Novem 30. 1721. Ebenezer Wiswall and Anne Capen Ware Maried by the Reverend John Danforth of Dorchester.

  2.   Source:Hayden, Charles Albert. Capen Family : Descendants of Bernard Capen of Dorchester, Mass notes that some sources [e.g. NEHGR, Vol. 40, p 61] match Ann with the uncle of this Ebenezer, b. 1683, but still he identifies her husband as this Ebenezer, b. 1699. One might speculate that the reasons for thinking this source is right include that Ebenezer and Ann named their second son Oliver, probably after Ebenezer's father (on the other hand, if it was his uncle, Oliver would be his mother's maiden name); that they had children born as late as 1742 and 1743 which seems too late for a man b. 1683 to be fathering children; and Anne was herself born in 1703, which is a better pairing with the younger Ebenezer. This is supported by a deed Suffolk, Vol. 84, liber 212, where on 31 Jan 1748[/49, since 22nd year of George II crowned in 1727], Thomas Wiswell Gentleman, Ebenezer Wiswell Glazier and wife Ann, and Samuel Wiswell Cloather and wife Elizabeth sell to Hezekiah Gay of Stoughton a total of 355 acres, composed of unequal contributions by the three sellers. Since Thomas, the son of Oliver, had his wife die 22 Jul 1748, and Samuel, the son of Oliver m. Elizabeth Franklin, while Enoch had no son Thomas and his son Samuel was unmarried, clearly the Thomas and Samuel are sons of Oliver Wiswell. Thomas and Ebenezer have identical rights to the property of Samuel Robinson, who married Enoch's daughter Mary, suggesting they have the same relationship to Enoch's daughter Mary. Further Ebenezer has 3/5 of Enoch's interest, while Thomas and Samuel have 1/5 each. If Ebenezer was Enoch's son he would have 5 times the share of Thomas and Samuel (i.e, equal to the whole of Thomas and Samuel's father Oliver), but he doesn't, so he must be Oliver's son, received a similar 1/5 share, and bought the other two share from other heirs.