Family:Balaam Stephens and Mary Unknown (1)

Abt 1820 Georgia
Abt 1830 Georgia

abt. 1760 Balaam Stephens is born

'abt. 1777' served in the American Revolution out of South Carolina

1794 tax list Warren Co. GA - Lawsons District - Balaam Stephens - taxed for 100 acres on Rocky Comfort bordering Thomson - also in Lawson's district was Jonas Stephens who had 150 acres on Indian Creek bordering Thomson and Simmes. A Goldman Tapley is also in this small distict [John Stephens who lives next to Balaams household in Cherokee Co. has a boy named Tapley Stephens]

abt. 1798 Mary, wife of Balaam is born in Virginia

1805 tax list of Warren Co. - Capt. Newsom's District - shows Balaam Stephens taxed for 150 acres on Rockey Comfort - land first granted to "Tapley" which bordered lands of Thompson. Jonas Stephens is taxed for 250 acres in Warren Co. on Indian Creek first warrented to Thompson and also taxed for 100 acres on Clear Creek, Jefferson Co. GA first warranted to Robinson and bordering lands of Branham.

abt. 1810 daughter Nancy is born in Warren Co. GA to Balaam and wife #1

1820 census Jones Co. Georgia - Balam Stephens 1 male b. before 1775 [Balaam] 2 males b. 1804-1810 1 male b. 1810-1820

1 female b. before 1775 [the unk. first wife] 2 females b. 1794-1804 2 females b. 1804-1810 [Nancy] 1 female b. 1810-1820

abt. 1822 dau. Lucinda is born

abt. 1825 dau. Jane is born

29 March 1827 Georgia Land Lottery Drawing - Balam Stephens - Jones Co. - Blounts

abt. 1827 dau. Leah is born

1 Mar 1827 Rev. Joseph B. Anthony (Methodist Minister) s/o James Anthony & Elizabeth C. Blakey, marries daughter Nancy Stephens in Jones Co. GA

abt. 1830 dau. Susan is born

1830 census Jones Co. GA - Balaam Stephens head of HH 0010101-131001 1 male b. 1770-1780 [need to recheck 1760-1770 slot - don't know if they made a mistake or I did]

1 male b. 1800-1810

1 male b. 1815-1820

1 female b. 1790-1800 [Mary]

1 female b. 1815-1820 [?]

3 females b. 1820-1825 [Lucinda, Jane & ?)

1 female b. 1825-1830 [Leah] [Susan will be born later in the year]

1840 census Cherokee Co. AL

1 male b. 1760-1770 [Balaam]

1 male b. 1825-1830 [Wesley]

1 female b. 1790-1800 [Mary]

2 females b. 1820-1825 [Lucinda & Jane]

3 females b. 1830-1835 [Leah, Susan & ?

1 female b. 1835-1840 [?]

1850 census Cherokee Co. AL - Dist 27 - Mary (age 52) is widowed living with Lucinda age 28, Jane age 25 and Leah age 23

almost next door is John Stephens age 55 (b. abt. 1795) $300 b. GA - is this a younger brother to Balaam or a son by his earliest marriage? this John Stephens has a wife Mary age 48, son George age 21, son Tapley age 17, dau. Mary age 11 and dau. Martha age 8 - all born in Georgia

29 Apr 1857 State of Alabama - Cherokee Co. - personally came Mary Stephens who is a resident of said county and says she is the Widow of Balam Stephens dec'd and that her said husband was a volunteer in the service of the United States for three years in the War of the Revolution that her said husband belonged to the South Carolina division of the American Army, that the name of his Captain she does not recollect, the company he served in was attached to the Regiment Commanded by by a Colnel (sic) whose name she believes was Norrard or Norris - that Gen'l Pickens commanded the Division to whch he was attached. She has no knowledge of the existence of any proof she can make of the services unless it is by the pay rolls in army records at Washington City. She signs Mary (her Mark which looks like an S) Stephens.

8 Aug 1857 Authorities in Washington wrote back that they could find no evidence of Balam Stephen's service

  1.   1794 tax list Warren Co. GA.

    Lawson's District